Monday, 12 July 2010

The sights of a happy Monday

As seen on Flickr:

1. Pink Cheeks, by Sakura [This photo has been in my Flickr favourites for a long time now...but I always return to look at the amazing contrast of the colours].

2. Hydrangea Cupcakes by Glorious Treats [Yes, these really are cakes...and I can't stop thinking about them. At the suggestion of Katy, I have laid down the gauntlet and asked Mr Teacakes if he will try and recreate them for me. Full details of how to make them can be found on the Glorious Treats blog].

 3. glossy chartreuse... by Dottie Angel [A heavenly shade of green...the perfect colour for the inside of the tiny door to our downstairs loo - I'd so like to get this painted before the summer holidays...most unlikely].

4. shiny new shoes by Little Paper Dog [Need I say more...they're mustard, with the most adorable party stockings above].


  1. Those DO make for a happy Monday!

  2. Mmmm...those cupcakes look like real hydrangeas...and I adore those mustard shoes and tights!!! So pretty.

  3. I do love the glossy chartreuse! Going to check out that person's other photos :)

  4. That chartreuse is perfect and as for the cupcakes...sigh x

  5. My goodness, the cakes are beautiful!

  6. Oh those cupcakes! Too pretty to eat really. Lovely pictures, thanks for sharing.

  7. Love that colour - it would just suit our downstairs loo door, too. It's not likely to get painted this side of Christmas!
    Beautiful cupcakes - I think I'll challenge daughter to create those (in her copious free-time, ha,ha!).

  8. a lovely collection! flickr is abundant with such inspiring things isn't it? i could and do lose time in image gawping there on a daily basis. that door and those tights! fantastic. just what we all need for mondays...happy sights like these : )

  9. Oh my. What fabulous cakes. How on earth could you eat something sooo beautiful.


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