Voile winner!

Goodness, so much voile love! I was delighted when the number picker pulled up a low number, as even to get to the number 31, I scrolled up and down the page and counted three times to make sure I had definitely counted the correct 31st entry.

Comment 31 was Kate of Harmony & Rosie who said: "Ooh yes, I'm well aware of that lovely website but the chance for some fabulous AMH fabric for free is too good an opportunity to miss. Please count me in, I can think of countless projects ... Kate x" [Kate, please do contact me with your address].

Kate's blog is a very recent discovery for me and I can't wait to see what she does with the fabric as she makes truly lovely things. I'm so sorry to all the lovely commenters who didn't win the voile...but there is always the option of heading over to Ray-Stitch for some consolation fabric-buying therapy (where you can get 20% off all purchases until 4th July - simply type in SUMMER10 at the checkout). Thank you so much to Rachel for her, quite simply, HUGE generosity!

This post has been interspersed with pictures of what I've been up to myself with the voile that Rachel very kindly sent to me...there has, of course, been some shirring involved in things. I have also had my overlocker out. You can see from the picture above that I still have the sticky labels on that tell the destination of each spool of thread...I'm no closer to learning these off by heart, or indeed, threading it up in less than five minutes, but I do feel that it's safe to say that I love the overlocker and just wish that I had space for it to be at my desk full-time. It is so, so speedy.

Right, back to the sundress...I have everything crossed that this one will be a goody (I find dressmaking can be so hit and miss that I always sew with a mixture of anticipation and fear in the air...luckily, for the time being, the anticipation is outweighing the fear).

Wishing you a happy Thursday,
Florence x


  1. Congratulations Kate, looking forward to seeing what you make!
    Kandi x

  2. eek, I (who never wins anything) can't believe that my number should come up. Just popped in to see what you've been shirring lately (!!) when I spied my name in lovely pink. Thank you so much Florence and also to Rachel at Ray-Stitch of course. Now I need to think through those countless projects I mentioned - hmm, to shirr or not to shirr?

    Kate x

  3. Congratulations! I'm very jealous, but what a fabulous win for you :)

  4. Well Done to the Winner!

    What you say about the overlocker made me smile! I was given a new one a while ago but even with the instruction manual it was way beyond my instruction-phobic mind!
    I passed it on in the end! lol!


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