Monday, 9 August 2010

Made by you

1 (Main Photo). iphone/camera cosy by Katiepie, 2. cocoon laptop cover by Saidos da Concha, 3. Blue Tabitha Bag by Anja 4. iPhone-Tasche by b.prinz, 5. Headbands by lk zie 6. Brown Tabitha Bag by Julie K, 7. zipped pouch 2 by The Beauty's in the Detail, 8. Las Senorita make up bag by Duke n Daisy, 9. iphone holder by Sew Crafty Fox, 10. Tabitha Bag Trio by Julie K, 11. The Slouchy Make-Up Bag by Lv2Create, 12. Yellow bird make-up bag by Handmade by Jane13. Tabitha Bag by Julie K

You can find some of these (and more) in my Flossie Teacakes Patterns & Tutorials: Made by You group...and some have been sent to me via email. I love seeing what people have made from my patterns. There are too many to include in one post (and I'm too awful at using the mosaic tool to add to this today), but I also wanted to include this bag by B. Prinz, which looked a bit odd in my mosaic due to the black border, but with which I've completely fallen in love with.

Thank you so much for taking the time to email me photos and upload things to my Flickr group - it completely delights me to see what you've made.

Florence x

Ps. Thank you so much for the shirt love of the last post...I know that I've made something that is just right for me when I find myself washing it at the end of each day so that I can wear it again the following day, but I'm so flattered that other people think it looks good too.


  1. Ooooo, the wash and wear again shirt. I haven't had the joy of one of those in a loooong time.

  2. What pretties!

    Florence I felt compelled to send you a note. Last night driving home from a weekend with my parents my husband and I chose to take a new route home through back roads and villages rather than just whipping down the A1 like we usually do. As we wound our way through the country lanes in the fading evening light, we fell into contented silence, so quiet in fact that I thought my husband had dropped off to sleep. I only realised that he had been happily staring out of the window when he piped up "look, look at that should tell Mr Teacakes....perhaps he should look in to commercial business names too!"

    We had driven past a shop offering clothing alterations called Sew Fine. So it would seem that the play on words is not just limited to books. A whole world of fun awaits the sewing mixed hobbyist should they wish to delve into the commercial world.

    I also think that Mr Teacakes should be congratulated, after squinting occasionally over my shoulder at my sewing blogs for several year, I think this is the first time my husband has shown a bubble of interest, though sadly I think it was more interest in the footballing finger injury than the sewing book nomenclature.

  3. Aren't they gorgeous Florence? well done for inspiring so many people x

  4. Great pictures Florence. Hope you feel brilliant knowing you lit the creative flame of all those lovely things. Aren't they all so very lovely?

  5. I'm on your blog, I'm on your blog! :) Ok, it's rather my bag that's on your blog but Florence, you make so proud this morning! What an honour.

    I've fallen in love with my bag too. It's my daily companion since I've finished it. Thank you - once more - for the lovely, lovely pattern.

    And let me tell you that your blog is always a true inspiration (or somethimes just fun to read). I love the moments when I notice that Flossie posted something new. :)

    Warmest wishes to England!

    PS: I've just finished my second Tabitha Bag for a girlfriend of mine. I'll share some pictures in your flickr pool soon.


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