A new gold pen

Sewing has ground to a crashing halt, as the room where I would usually sew is mostly full of dust and workmen's tools during the week...but I did get a little sewing done this weekend in the form of making some Roman blinds, which are something entirely new to me. I can't say that I was leaping up and down in anticipation of making them as it feels more like Sensible Shoes sort of sewing - utilitarian and necessary - but it was a relief to finally turn my machine back on.

Photo by Anna Maria Horner
With so little evidence of productivity to show you, I've scrolled through my camera card (which has over 2,000 pictures on and when I scroll through quickly it feels like re-living the last three months at high-speed) to find some past-doodling. The eagle-eyed (or just the obsessional) among you may have already recognised where I had taken inspiration from for the drawing at the head of this post. It's taken directly from the promotional material for Anna Maria Horner's Innocent Crush fabric line. Even before the line was released I'd fallen in love with it on the basis of the shot shown above. I love the way it's arranged, as well as the fabrics it features.

Back in December, with a new gold pen and a smudgy gold ink pad at my disposal I was looking for a subject matter to experiment with. I enjoyed doing this, as decorating the bolts of fabric also gave me a reason to use the old stamper that my sister bought for me as a gift a few years ago. My fabric girl wears rather demure ballet flats, but other than that I've tried to copy the photo faithfully. As a result my children are disturbed that the girl is headless. It's a feeling that I can relate to at the moment though, so I'm happy with that.

Wishing you a lovely week,
Florence x


  1. I do hope the building work is soon over and your head re-attaches itself! With the wild weather here at the moment, I have an idea how you feel!

  2. Your drawing is so lovely!!!
    Immediately I though "I must try something like that" and then thought "Oh wait...I can't draw."

  3. Just FYI, your flickr links on the left aren't working right. They seem to be inserting http twice and therefore giving an error. Hope that helps.

  4. Thank you so much Janine - I really appreciate you letting me know - I think I've fixed it now.

    Thank you also Rachel & Bethany. x

  5. I have a bit of a thing about gold pens! Completely love them. Your drawing is beautiful. I love the picture, the models dress and shoes are so pretty ! Em xx


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