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These fabrics have been sat on my desk, cut and ready to be stitched, for the last few days. However, I've been busy with lots of other things so they've had to wait, lying there looking all Opal Fruit-y and making me feel hungry (I think they're called Starbursts now - I haven't had them for years, but just thinking about them brings their distinctive taste straight onto my tongue somehow - they were just so incredibly juicy!).

It was one of those colour assortments that me feel a little dizzy as I pulled different prints from the drawers and added them to their piles. Despite the avalanche of rain, I have felt somewhat cheerful for the last day or so and have actually been Getting Things Done, a strange thing that I'd almost forgotten the feel of.

Anyway, aside from discussing sweets, I thought that I might share with you a few of the things that I've been noticing around the internet lately:

Photo stolen from Alice's website.
Firstly, but also most recently, I spotted this new dress pattern at Backstitch, called Miz Mozelle. It's by Jamie Christina - not a pattern maker I've heard of before, but whoever she is I think she designs beautiful clothing and I've quite fallen in love with this dress. I'm at the thinking-through-possible-fabrics-for-it stage of purchase. It's suggested that it can be made from jersey, or if you upsize a little, then a dress weight cotton would be fine too. I feel a little fearful about making something that detailed around the neck area in jersey, and like the idea of it in cotton...any thoughts?

Secondly, I discovered while reading this post on A Sewing Journal that Amy Butler is printing some of her Soul Blossoms line onto Corduroy and rayon. I feel especially excited about the corduroy and by the time it arrives it will no doubt be autumn, when the time will be right for thinking about remaking this skirt (even though in reality, I worry that the colours and prints may be a little too bright and boisterous for me to want to make clothing from...I'm so hoping that they've chosen some of the more reserved prints for these new substrates).

And now some older things that I've had favourited for months and been meaning to share:

The Sewing Directory shared a link a while ago to a tutorial from Making magazine about grading a tunic or top pattern up or down (because, it's not as simple as you'd think - you can't just lop a uniform amount off from everywhere) - scroll to page 3 of the PDF - it's so simple and I can't wait to use it to properly size down this dress pattern that I made a toile for a long time ago. I can see this being useful to make envelope patterns smaller (which tend to run very large) or to size up patterns from Japanese pattern books (which tend to stop at around a UK 12/14).

And finally this wonderful tutorial, which will help you to make your child's pictures miniature...so that you can fit more of them on the wall!

Wishing you a lovely Thursday,
Florence x


  1. Thankyou for the links, especially the tunic resizing, v v useful and info all in one place

  2. HI Dear,
    it´s possible to you send this fabrics to Angola? how much do i have to pay?


  3. Thanks for the links, so useful! I saw that dress this week too and it grabbed me! I have made her hooded scarf and it was adorable. :)

  4. Thanks for the links Florence, the re-sizing a pattern post is really useful. And Opal Fruits were so juicy because they were made to make your mouth water! x

  5. I'm thinking about Opal fruits now! Thank you for the resizing link - very useful (or would be if I ever get my sewing room back which is currently full of books!).

  6. I really like Jamie Christina's patterns and didn't know she had a new one out - thanks for sharing. In case you're interested here's a link to her site: http://jamiechristina.com/index.html

  7. In case you didn't see, you can actually see which prints will be in corduroy on the Rowan site, here's the link: Soul Blossoms Corduroy. You can also see the rayon and voile prints too under "Amy Butler".

    I saw all of the new stuff in person at Quilt Market and I must tell you that the corduroy is really amazing and buttery-feeling (very thin whale) - just dreamy!

  8. Oh no, I just tested out my link and it doesn't work! Just go to this link: http://www.westminsterfabrics.com/

    Then under "product line" select "Designer", and then "Amy Butler". Oops!

  9. Sorry Lina, the fabrics are already being made into something and aren't for sale.

    I'm so pleased you think the tunic resizing will be helpful too.

    And thank you also for the links Andrea & kaye.

    I managed to last about half a day before buying the Jamie Christina pattern - it was becoming too distracting and thinking about it was stopping me from getting on with the other things I needed to do...

  10. I've got the pattern for the Miz Mozelle dress too! I just thought it was a bit different. Like you, I'm not so keen on the jersey fabric to make this dress, and was also thinking of using a cotton fabric, which is a bit more forgiving to my fuller figure perhaps, though with your slim figure you could easily get away with the jersey. I think this dress designer is one to keep an eye on perhaps. Vanessa xxx


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