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These beautiful Tilda fabric swatches have sat on my window sill for the past few weeks. Each time I do some washing up I ponder on which one I love the most. We have a slightly strange kitchen window sill. Through choice it is neither tiled, nor lined with wood, simply painted cream to fit in with the walls around it, which means that I have to be very careful about not getting the plaster wet. I'd always somehow managed this until last year when one of the many leaks from above (that eventually forced us into putting in a new bathroom) winkled its way through the ceiling and poured straight down onto the bare plaster sill. Anyway, the plaster is now sanded and repainted, but I've come to feel that it might be nice to have some kind of extended, super-long, sausage dog of a coaster to line the sill with that would protect the plaster from drips a little more, as it's where the washing up liquid lives as well as fabric swatches.

I love how small the prints are on these Tilda fabrics - a small, but detailed print seems to be a rare thing (outside the Liberty collection) and I really enjoy them. The pink and green one would go with many of the colours around it, but is my least favourite print of the three, the turquoise one would go with nothing, but I really love how clean and modern-in-a-retro-kind-of-way the print is, the blue one on the left reminds me of my sister every time I look at it, as she loves these Ming blue colours, and so I've felt happy every time I've seen it...it's always the smallest choices that lead to decision paralysis. Isn't it odd how we will spend only twenty minutes looking around a house before we decide to buy it, and yet a pair of jeans or a fat quarter of fabric can often have whole hours devoted to whether one is spending one's £3.50 wisely (that's the fat quarter...my jeans cost a little more than that).

On the subject of fat quarters, you might remember this post here (see bullet point 4!) where I said how much I'd fallen in love with Jennifer Moore's foxy prints. After seeing them there, Kate took it upon herself to embark upon the long process of bringing the foxes to English shores where they are now waiting to be re-homed (I say long process because I've known they were coming for a while and had taken to excitedly checking for their arrival every few days...a watched shop never produces foxes though). I shall be re-homing several myself (they're only 3cm long apparently, so I may take quite a few), along with my favourite contrast print, and am currently trying to decide whether to buy an amount that is appropriate for making a doorstop or an apron for my not-so-little-anymore boy. He already has an apron as he cooks a lot, but I actually think I might want to gobble up his cuteness if he wore these foxes rather than just held his door ajar with them.

In something of an inspiration swap I just bought a book for my own daughter that I spotted on the aforementioned Kate's wish list. My little girl has always loved bubble writing, but How to Be the Best Bubble Writer in the World Ever! takes it to a whole new level and is just so wonderfully done. Inspiring, creative, cool and just plain lovely, it feels like the kind of book that she'll remember when she's older. It arrived yesterday and it is so good it actually made my feel slightly dizzy knowing how much she would love it. Which brought with it a problem: I think my little boy may pass out with jealousy, so I have postponed giving it to her and am considering buying a second copy first (it's a book that you can draw in yourself, otherwise they would, of course, be made to share!). 

Wishing you a lovely weekend,
Florence x


  1. I love the small turquoise flower print! And I love the foxes. Hee hee. Couldn't you make the big coaster out of the foxes??

  2. I've been ummming and ahhhing over buying some tilda fabrics! Could you make the coaster out of two fabrics, one either side and turn it over when you fancy a change!

  3. Hi Flossie,

    You may already know, but if not...

    You can log on to www.tildasworld.com and read more about the fabrics and about the norwegian designer Tone Finnanger.

    In addition to the fabrics there are some books with ideas for homedecoration for different seasons were the fabrics is used. I really love the books. They are translated to english and available from ie. Amazon which is less expensive than buing them from Panduro.

  4. Thanks for inspiring me to get them Florence! and glad you like the book too, mine copy stashed away till 7th birthday time next month!

  5. oh why did you have to put that fox print up. now i have spent more money and found another place to return to again and spend even more :)

  6. I love the foxy fabric and the turquoise swatch.

  7. Hi!

    I am your follower!
    I really liked these prints...both of them!
    I love your Blog.
    Keep up the good work!

    Do visit my blog too and follow it if you like it!

    God Bless!


  8. The Monaluna prints are on organic cotton, too - so no nasty pesticides (for you or the people who grew the cotton). I'm with Ruth, btw: why not use one of those for your giant coaster? The flowery dot one looks quite kitcheny to me.

  9. What a hard decision. Gorgeous prints. And the foxes are fantastic. x

  10. that's a great idea to line your windowsill with fabric for protection.
    i do so in my pantry, which is painted white so gets black marks on it easily from jars and bottles.
    it certainly works a treat and looks extra pretty :)

  11. Thank you so much for all your lovely comments - it seems the fox-love is far reaching.

    How funny - it never would have occurred to me to use the foxes in the kitchen in that way though. In my head it was very much a child-print....

    Lena - I do have a few of her books, but thank you so much for the link.

    Florence x


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