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Roses: a gift from my mother, with rain droplets & favourite cashmere jumper in shot.

Goodness, I can't tell you quite how wonderful it was to have all those links and suggestions left in the comments on my last post. Thank you very much indeed! I have added numerous new-to-me blogs to my feed reader and seen a great many exciting and interesting things. Perhaps you found the time to read through all the comments and suggestions too, but if not then here are my edited highlights:
  • Firstly, Mirjam told me about Citronille, a french pattern house which produces patterns for Women, children, babies and dolls. I've fallen in love with many of the women's patterns - they are adorable, and I'm wondering if, being French, they may offer a good fit for a more petite frame too. Do go and take a look and see what you think of them. Mirjam also left a link to this blog, where users of Citronille patterns post their finished garment pictures, which is so useful for getting a better idea of how it might fit. The patterns seem reasonably priced at around 10 euros and I believe they post internationally, but I'd love it if these were available in England too - the fact that they're written in French seems like a very small stumbling block as they will certainly be easier to translate than the Japanese patterns that so many of us are used to.  Thank you, Mirjam!
Next were a couple of new-to-me blogs that have been added straight to my feed reader.
  • Margiwarg recommended Nettevivante, which I'd seen before but somehow forgotten about. Margiwarg left a link directly to Nette's Candy Dress, which is stunning and I think our wardrobes would all be happier places with one of these in there. Nette has written a free pattern for the dress and you'll find a link to it in the aforementioned blog post.
  • Both Third Margaret and Amy suggested that I might like a blog called Nana Company - they were right - it's beautiful.
  • Jacquie suggested the website Spincushion, which is quirky and original and has a wonderful regular feature called 'If a quilt lived here...' where a beautiful room is featured and some quilt fabrics and a pattern are picked out to complement it.
  • Kirsty told of a Hollywood Glamour exhibition that's currently on at the National Portrait Gallery that I'd love to get along to.
  • And finally, my first comment was from Nicky who gave a link to this explorer bag tutorial - I'd love to make one of these for my daughter - it looks grown-up enough for her to approve of it (a theory borne out by the fact that 36 year old Nicky wants one for herself). I also think it would make a nice change to a rucksack. When my daughter and I went up to London last weekend, she carried her rucksack everywhere with her (even at the ballet) and reminded me and my sister of an adorable cross between Dora the Explorer, Wanda of Where's Wally and a ladybird.
Anyway, to answer a few questions - yes, the Go, Baby! giveaway is open internationally (the machine will arrive with you direct from Accuquilt and they're happy to post anywhere) and entry will close later in the week, so you still have a few more days to enter here if you wish.

Florence x


  1. Just goes to show how a freebie encourages people to leave comments but otherwise they rudely never bother! I know you will say otherwise but that is just bad-manners and rather greedy. When you see how many followers some have and then look at the comments, there is often no comparison. If you have long enough to read a blog people, then you have long enough to say thank you. Especially if you keep coming back, because it means you liked what you read. Don't be mean. Say so!(Even & especially when there isn't a giveaway). Thank you.

  2. ohh what beautiful blogs!
    I ahve nominated you for a versatile bloggers award, you can see it on my blog http://love-to-stitch.blogspot.com
    Rachel x

  3. Those patterns are lovely - the first thing that's made me feel excited about sewing for ages. (Not that I can get in the sewing room for the junk & the dust...decorating starts tomorrow, so there is hope.)

  4. Yes, I read through the suggestions but it seemed too time consuming to type in the long blog addresses so I didn't bother. You probably don't have to do that but being a technophobe it's beyond me. So because it was easier I clicked on the commenters to look at their blogs instead and found some lovely ones that I'm now following.
    I'm so glad you put links in this post because it's so much easier.

  5. That is one giveaway! Pfew great blog... Mine? Kidding, will try to get back on you about that! :-)

  6. Thanks for the highlights! I love Citronille - really cute, stylish and appropriate clothes for a 12 yr old girl are so hard to find. Thanks for the link.

  7. Anonymous - thank you so much for your thoughtfulness, that's really kind. However, although getting comments is always lovely, I don't actually mind that people don't always find time to comment as I'm guilty of that myself when I'm reading other blogs, so can understand it. I think, like me, many of my readers have families, jobs or their own businesses and there simply isn't time to do it all, all of the time. It's always nice when there is a giveaway to meet some of the readers that don't find time to comment and it was really lovely to have so many links left.

    Oh! Love to Stitch - thank you so much - that's really kind.

    Joanne - I imagined that you might like them as I know from your Onions that you often like a smaller pattern house - they're gorgeous aren't they.

    Little Blue Mouse - oh that's good. Did you also know that if you highlight the address with your cursor, right click on it with your mouse you will have option to 'copy' the link. You can then go to the header bar, right click the mouse again and select the 'paste' option to put it straight into your browser.

    Thank you for the other lovely comments,

    Florence x

  8. Some fantastic links here, thank you so much. Nette is rather wonderful isn't she, I first found her through BurdaStyle, and I love her free pattern which I've downloaded. The link to the French pattern house is wonderful too, there's a lot there I really like and would make myself, so thank you for the link to that. I'm not a quilter, but I found myself reading your review of the go baby with great interest, so that's a mark of how good your writing is. I enjoyed your review of Mollie makes too, thought you were spot on. I'm so looking forward to seeing your Miz Mozelle dress, and the fabric you've used for it. Vanessa xxx


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