Friday, 1 July 2011

An end of week fabric sample

It's been a week since my last post, so I wanted to stop by and wish you a lovely weekend. With only a few weeks left until the summer holidays things suddenly seem to be very, very busy and I've also been trying to get one more pattern written, so blogging time has been sparse, but in amongst everything else this lovely piece of fabric has been attracting my attention - it's pinned to my notice board (which has no notices, but many photographs) and my eyes keep wandering back to it. It's a silk crepe and I've fallen quite in love with it. I spotted it in my local fabric shop last week and they gave me this sample to think upon. I'd love to make this blouse from it - the crepe is much less supple than the Liberty lawn and so it may seem like a different garment altogether. Silk crepe isn't something I've sewn with before - do you have any tips?

But for now, I'm finishing a busy week early and heading off to a friend's house for lunch. Hurrah!

Florence x


  1. I've only 1 tip, if its slipping, place tissue paper under and sew as normal. Ripping the tissue away after, it can really help add stability to the fabric when sewing.

  2. I was going to echo what two hippos said, and also (if you can bear it) sew a short line and then unpick it on an offcut, so you can see how much effect it would have if you have to do that whilst making up. Sometimes it leaves really big stitch holes or causes a slight fray.

  3. I agree with both two hippos and Jane - silk like this is quite tricky to sew with. The other tip I have is to cut your garment out on the cross. I know this sounds counter intuitive and that it will contort even more but in fact because you get extra drape small imperfections seem to disappear as the fabric fits your shape.

    Good luck, hopefully you will be able to post a thing of beauty in a while!


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  5. Thank you so much to Ruth, Jane & Catherine for the silk tips - I will keep those in mind if and when I eventually come to sew with it.

    Thanks lovelies, Florence x


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