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Congratulations to Claudia of Pi.Pa.Po, winner of the Go! Baby giveaway. She was randomly selected when I pointed my finger at the screen as I scrolled the page up and down with my eyes closed. It's not a conventional selection method, but one that I find strangely more pleasing than an online random number picker. Please go and have a look at the Accuquilt shop, Claudia, and let me know which three dies you'd like to go with your Go! Baby machine and I'll forward all your details (I'll need your address too) over to Accuquilt.

Claudia's comment was: -

Hello Florence, thank you for that great giveaway! At the moment I kind of feel in summer/sea/holiday mood and like to browse through Sarah's blog "A beach cottage" (http://www.abeachcottage.com/) for inspiration. Maybe you like it, too.Claudia

I'm so sorry to all the lovely commenters who didn't win. I offer up the following by way of consolation: Smee recently told me she'd managed to get the Go! Baby machine with a cutting mat for $99 including shipping and import duty from Amazon.com, which seems like an outrageously good deal; you can find 22 free quilt patterns from Accuquilt here; Accuquilt seem to have offered up quite a few of these wonderful machines to be given away, so there's sure to be the chance to enter a giveaway elsewhere very soon - good luck if you do.

Wishing you a lovely weekend,
Florence x


  1. Ah well, at least it will go to a good home! Have a lovely weekend Florence x

  2. Congratulations to the winner, oh how I envy you!

    Florence, thanks for the tip about copying and pasting; I didn't know you could do that and it makes a world of difference!

  3. Congrats to Claudia!
    Actually, Amazon.com stopped allowing UK shipments so I had to order mine from eBay.com instead. I managed to get the machine, two cutting mats, two sets of dies AND the rather lovely pink tote bag for the grand sum of £155, which includes shipping.
    Here's the link, in case anyone wants one!

  4. I recently found your blog and I am in love with it! Your choice of fabrics, your eye for detail, fantastic! So glad I found you!

  5. Hello Florence,

    I just returned from a weekend trip and found out that I am the lucky winner of this phantastic tool. I couldn't believe my eyes! You should have seen me dancing around the flat. I had to phone my sister to tell her about the great news.

    I am still working on my first ever quilt and had to cut 419 squares by hand. I guess, next time it will be much quicker!

    Please give me a moment to brwose through the dies, it will be difficult to choose three from so many...

    So I'll send you an email later with my adress and my dies choice.

    Thank you so much, Claudia

    PS: You look gorgeous in your new dress!!!

  6. Amazon was quoting me okay for UK shipping, it just wanted £80 for it! By the time I added it up with the machine and couple of dies I wanted, it was definitely not worth it, especially as I would have got hit by Royal Mail and HMRC too. Thanks for the ebay tip though :o)


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