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A very brief post today, as sometimes it's hard to fit my usual essay-length posts in during the summer holidays, however, I wanted to share my excitement with you over the news that Sarai of Colette Patterns is going to be having a book published. It's now available to browse through using the 'look inside' feature on Amazon. Not only will it undoubtedly cover all the dressmaking guidance a girl could wish for, but also five patterns from Colette, making it super value.

For me, I think this book may be the most exciting publication of the year and anticipation levels are high. Why? Because every time I use a Colette Pattern I learn something new; because the shapes used in creating the garments mean that they don't just cloak the body, but sculpt around it in a way that leaves me awestruck at her pattern cutting skills; because all the tips and tricks on her blog are so informative; because every time I look through the Colette Flickr pool I feel inspired. The Colette dress and top patterns don't especially suit my figure (without substantial adjustment - they tend to be cut for a much bigger bust), but there's something about them that leaves me feeling fascinated and a little addicted.

The publication date in the UK is set for November 25th, presenting a small reason not to mourn the passing of summer too much.

All this reminds me that I must finish the belt loops on my Colette Beignet skirt so that I can share that with you too....

Florence x


  1. I really must do some sewing one of these days. This book looks as though it'll be the perfect prompt to start. I'll stick it onto the evergrowing wish list!

  2. I have always held back from trying any of these patterns, as I am a real teach yourself beginner and although I would describe myself as 'busty', I am not 'curvy'and the patterns suggest they are designed for curvy figures. Do the patterns help with how to adjust them for someone like me with slim hips and beginner level sewing experience?

  3. I can't wait for this to be finally published! Having had a peek on Amazon it looks like it's going to be a handy tool even without the patterns.

  4. November 25th is our 17th anniversary, this would be such a brilliant gift, you see I always have the opposite problem with aptterns so maybe this is the way to go....?

  5. Sharon, I don't think the patterns (I've focused on men's & skirts so far - I have an unopened dress pattern though!)would probably cover that. However, there seem to be tutorials all over the internet on how to make such changes to the patterns and The Coletterie itself is currently running a sewalong for one of its dresses and I know that covered full-bust and small-bust alterations - I can't remembered if it covered hips as their hips tend to fit me perfectly. However, I'm fairly sure the book will cover these things, so they may be much easier to use for you after its November publication.

    Daisie - what a fantastic idea...although you may well spend the anniversary with your nose in the book! x

  6. oooh... this sounds like this might be the book for me. I'm hugely busty and find it very hard to buy clothes that fit my bust. I have yet to try dressmaking, but I definitely want to!


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