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There's something about the inconstancy of an English summer that puts me so on edge that the crisp autumnal days where bluster and rain can be relied upon, no matter how unwelcome they might be, seem altogether more relaxing now that they have finally arrived. I'm happier now that I can stop grasping for the good in Summer and get on with thoroughly enjoying Autumn and all its leafy goodness. This enjoyment manifests itself in the wearing of multiple layers, closed-toe shoes and pashminas. I have to admit to wearing all three of these during summer at times too, but was chastised for doing so and it was suggested that I was seasonally inappropriate. Perhaps then it is being able to dress in a way that maintains a body temperature that doesn't cause the hairs on my arms to stand on end in a futile attempt at retaining heat without having to defend my sartorial position that is most liberating.

To celebrate September I have pulled from the cupboard some beautiful navy-coloured wool coating fabric that I bought on a whim last year - it's soft, beautiful quality and isn't unpleasantly thick or bulky. I'm undecided on how much I like the lively blue lining that I've picked out to go with it, but for now it is a part of my plan. It was a choice between this, petrol blue and blue. You can see that with this shortlist, I have the seized the boldest option: yes, I am fearless in the face of colour. A chartreuse green did cross my mind, but then quickly left it again.

Are you launching into new sewing projects or clothing purchases inspired by the change of seasons?

Florence x


  1. I have plans to work on autumnal projects...but my sewing machine gave up on me and is currently away getting fixed - typical!! And with my slow sewing speed it will be a miracle now if I get my projects done before autumn turns to winter!

    What are you planning on making with that gorgeous navy fabric?

  2. Both of the fabrics look beautiful! The change for me is that I've started thinking about Christmas gifts. I've started making a list (haha) of the things I want to make.

  3. That coating looks wonderful, can't wait to see what you make with it!

    I know what you mean about the onset of autumn - it's kind of a relief to stop hoping for the elusive British summer. I've been on a big cord kick since the beginning of September - I'm just finishing off a needlecord Liberty print dress, and I've got some gorgeous navy chunky cord for some kid trousers.

  4. Love it, and I have a pile of autumnal things waiting to be sewn now :o)

    Love the 2 blues for the coat BTW

  5. In my stash I have a coat's length of silk and wool tweed in greens and pinks plus some hot pink silk lining. I cannot understand how I buy much brighter coloured fabric (and knitting yarn) than the 'ready mades' I still buy occasionally

    I might make the coat this winter, if I can pluck up the courage to cut into it! I can't keep just pulling it out from the stash box to admire

  6. I love navy--can't wait to see what you do with your fabric.

    I live in San Diego so seasonal transitions are much more subtle. I won't think of clothes for warmth for a long time, yet. However, I have started my Christmas sewing (my list includes 4 quilts). And I have done some Halloween sewing. So although the weather doesn't dictate or suggest a different kind of sewing, I always have to anticipate the seasonal holidays. I used to live in the Midwest US and fall was a favorite time of year.

  7. We're heading into Spring here in Australia and, as always, I'm loving the sewing possibilities that brings. Am usually a bit lazy on the Winter sewing projects!

  8. I feel exactly the same about the change in season - September to December is definitely my time of year when we can enjoy the unexpected warm days and not feel guilty about lighting a fire in the evenings. And I so enjoy planning my Christmas gift making even if I actually don't get down to it until the frantic days before the 25th!

    Love you smocks - as a child of the 60s I've always worn them.

  9. Being driven mad by not being able to sew at the moment - especially as I have a brand new machine. have a list as long as your arm of what I'd like to make but when your arm's in plaster that isn't very helpful!

  10. Hello Florene,

    Our summer here at the Baltic sea was far too short and I haven't even started on all the summer sewing I had planned for.

    But now I plan to make a winter coat for my little nephew's third birthday (and hoping it all goes well so I maybe can go one step further and make one for me ;-) )

    I am looking forward to seeing what your blue autumn fabrics wil be turned into.

    Claudia x

  11. Oh I love the navy blue coating fabric, I'm mulling over making a grey cape for autumn/winter this year, sounds awful but I have faith! x

  12. Certainly am! Just finishing up atumnal scarf. The kind of pink you see on ivy (but not so bright), a muted browny colour and purple). Am very pleased with it!

    It is funny how all seasons are not equal when it comes to colours. In the clothes shops are many clothes that are obviously seasonally inspired. It doesn't happen in the same way for any other season I don't think.

    I don't mind the colder weather, if I can afford the heating! This year I will be wrapped up in blankets and hot water bottles I suspect.

  13. Suzie, I'm not sure how I neglected to say what I was actually making, but somehow I did - it will hopefully be a winter coat! Good luck with getting your machine fixed.

    I agree, Miranda - I think once you start making handmade gifts for Christmas you begin thinking about them months in advance - I love this as it lengthens the build-up to Christmas!

    I agree Catherine, but it's lovely that just pulling it out ocassionally can give years' worth of joy.

    Claudia - that's a good way of building up to adult coat making...perhaps I should do that first too...

    Jo - I can't wait to see it.

    Connie - four quilts! You've beaten me there - last year I did two and found just that amount a little overwhelming!

    Wag doll - I like the sound of that - I'd love a cape (of the non-superman variety).

    Anonymous - that sounds like the perfect reason for making a quilt!

    Thank you so much for all your comments.

  14. I live in the Midwest US and our summer progressed too quickly into fall. So my sister and I are in a flurry of sewing flannel pajama bottoms. That will keep us warm and toasty to start in on Christmas projects for family.


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