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Firstly thank you so much for all the bed tales following my last post - I loved reading them. I'm unsure of why I would have a ladleful of links, although I am thinking of making soup, so perhaps that's the root of it. Anyway, here's a helping of links that are brightening the start of my week along with these roses, despite the gloom of having waved my small ones off to school this week after the summer holidays and then being hit with a barrage of wind and rain.

Firstly, did you know that Liberty have released some of their beautiful fabric prints on Lantana wool and Lilestone wool? Lilestone is 100% wool, while Lantana is a 80% cotton/20% wool mix. I'm yet to feel either of them, but I'm hugely excited about them, as they look so cosy for winter. Many of the prints they've chosen for these wool fabrics are just the colours that I'd love to wear and the prints feel subtle and understated and not overtly recognisable as Liberty (not that there would be too much wrong with that, but I often prefer my clothing to look more anonymous).

Carrying on the Liberty theme, when I was a teenager Edwyn Collins had a huge hit with A Girl Like You. Around six months ago I read an article about the stroke he had not long after that success and how much drawing had been a part of his rehabilitation (his autobiography went on my wish list at that point). A week or so ago I saw that his artwork has been included as part of the Liberty Rocks collection printed on Tana Lawn. I'm still trying to work out what I want to make from this, but I know just who I want to make it for. You can hear more about how Edwyn Collins came to design for Liberty in this video clip. You can buy the fabric here...although please don't buy too much, as I'm hoping there will still be some left when I've finished being indecisive.

Long-time readers will know that I love Pukka herb teas - their ingredient combinations are inspired, their packaging is wonderful and the depth of flavour in their teas is extraordinary - I can never quite believe it's just tea that I'm drinking as it tastes so good I'm sure it should really be hugely calorific. Anyway, I've just discovered that they've launched an organic Ayurvedic skincare range. I haven't tried it, but I have so much faith in the quality of their products that I think it's hugely exciting. You can investigate for yourself here.

I read that Jane Brocket's second book for very young children was published this week. It's a book introducing children to less conventional colour labels and is named Ruby, Violet, Lime and it made me wish I had a small toddler on a week's loan so that we could look through her book together. There's something so deliciously gratifying and exciting about that stage where a young child begins to reinterpret and voice the things that they've learnt through looking at picture books and I love imagining the conversations that might follow reading this book - children always sound adorable when they use unexpectedly mature words for their age.

For those in London - did you know that Ray-Stitch have opened up a real-life shop and cafe in Islington? I've just seen the above photo of it and it looks wonderful - I can't wait to visit. You can find it at 99 Essex Road. I'm now wishing we still lived in Islington...

Both friends and family have been in shiny-covered magazines this month. Kate found her way into the pages of Red magazine (I subscribe to this - do you have any favourite subscriptions?) talking about the stunning quilts her mother has made for her children in a 'what you'd save in a fire' style article. On the same shelf, my sister's name appeared in the pages of Psychologies magazine (my subscription has now lapsed, but again, it's another magazine that I've always enjoyed) chosen (unbeknown to her) by their panel as one of 58 people who have changed our lives. She appeared in the Arts category for her work in publishing - the reason she's been chosen is so adorable and beautifully written that my husband and I were absolutely glowing with pride when we tracked down a copy and saw it with our own eyes. Whoop!

Coming full circle back to Liberty, due to lack of drawer space (destashing will be taking place soon), I am intentionally ignoring Jo's Etsy shop, which recently has been full of delicious-looking Liberty scrapbags and patchwork squares, but just in case you have an empty space in your drawer, you may wish to swoon and then fill your trolley here.

Lastly, as well as here on my blog (and over at Sew, Mama, Sew!), you can also now find some of my sewing patterns being stocked at the very lovely Fat Quarter Shop! Oh, and I also still have some bear and doll sleeping bags for sale in my Etsy shop here, which I think make lovely gifts for small people.

Oh, and a linky request of my own: does anyone know of a stockist of plain needlecord in lots of lovely colours?

AMENDED TO SAY: Pomona & Julia both mentioned new fabric shop Dragonfly Fabrics to me in comments section. Have you visited their website? They have a welcome bias toward dressmaking fabrics and a delicious range of stripey jersey fabrics. Julia is currently running a giveaway on their behalf, which, at the risk of lessening my own chances, is really very much worth entering...here.

Florence x


  1. My sister has some of the Liberty Lantana (the wool/cotton mix) and it feels wonderful - really cosy, and very drapey.

    I quite fancy some plain cord. There are a few plain baby/fine cords here: http://dotsnstripes.co.uk/search.cfm

  2. Dragonfly fabrics have some lovely patterned corduroy - not sure about the plain - in the sort of prints I had for pinafore dresses when I was small. Just right for small people!

    Pomona x

  3. I want to go to that cafe! It looks amazing! I live a bit far away being in Wales though :-S

    Rhi x

  4. My mum went to the new Raystitch shop a couple of weeks ago and we're planning a joint trip there soon... Now, I'm never quite sure if needlecord is the same as baby cord?? But in my waiting-to-be-sewn pile I have a big piece of olive green baby cord from Gossypium, and a smaller piece of indigo from here: http://www.organiccotton.biz/store/fairtrade_cord-corduroy
    Gossypium did have other colours but they seem to be having trouble keeping their fabrics in stock. I think theirs and the stuff in the other shop must all come from the same mill, though, and Bishopston Trading sometimes have some too. It's really nice and soft - can't wait to have time to sew myself some Autumn clothes!

  5. Hi Florence. Cool post with all those links ... I have a ton of Pukka teas which I dislike intensley due to the licorice root the insist on putting into every blend .. They make me think of you though (I mean that in a nice way) - I can send them to you - I think about three boxes ? Also, needlecord - pop over to my blog, a) there's a very generous giveaway, b) it's from a shop who have a good range of needlecord which I think you might like :)

  6. Hi Florence, I, like you am an Edwyn Collins fan, back when he was in Orange Juice, then saw him live in 1997 supporting Pulp. I watched his documentary about recovering from his stroke, which was very very moving. Just watched your Liberty clip of him talking about his fabric design...fantastic, wasn't aware of his designing for Liberty -thanks. x

  7. I was going to suggest Dotsnstripes for needlecord too, but I see someone has already done so.

    I love that Edwin Collins fabric but, like you, I have no idea what I'd make with it!

    I also wanted to say that The Fat Quarter Shop is one of my all time fave online fabric shops, in fact I had a delivery from them just today. I often go there just to drool over their lovely fabrics. My only issue is the amount of time it takes to get here when I do order! It's definitely at the top of my "places to shop to max out my credit card" list!

  8. I bought one of your teddy sleeping bags and I'd just like to say thank you so much, it is beautifully made and will be loved for many years x


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