The last of the red wine

Following on from yesterday's posts where I talked you through all the mistakes I had made while constructing this small quilt of silks and velvets, you can now see the finished throw in the photo above (and as the title suggests, I promise that this will be the last of the wine coloured posts). I do love these rich colours though.

Because the piecing of this quilt ended up being so uneven, with barely a point matched throughout, it wasn't really a candidate for straight-line quilting, as that would only highlight how few straight lines had been achieved. For this reason I decided to hand-tie it. Being hand-tied rather than machine quilted seems to give a floppier, more puffy, quilt finish, which I'm not averse to. Tying knots can take longer than you might think though and so I was able to listen to several items in the Desert Island Discs archive, as well as a snippet of Lauren Child being interviewed on Woman's Hour (which wasn't nearly long enough to satisfy my interests).

The quilt is slippery, soft, cosy and full of different textures and consequently it's the quilt that my children have seemed most excited about seeing finished. Last night they both tried it out (one at a time - it's not a vast quilt as I wanted it to hang over the arm of a sofa unobtrusively) and declared that it felt lovely.

And just in case you're wondering how the colour matching has gone for the wine red fireplace....

Do you know something odd I'm thinking of painting the end wall of the room that this looks into what Farrow & Ball call 'Oval Room Blue', which you can see below.

Image courtesy of Farrow & Ball
The rooms are two distinctly seperate spaces, but you can see directly into the second room from most angles when standing (or sitting) in the red room. I think the colours share the same heavy seriousness, but what do you think? Would it be best if I was barred from buying paintbrushes for the forseeable future?

Florence x


  1. It's beautiful, Florence. But then I'm a sucker for these wine-y colours. I also love the blue wall and totally think you should do it. Why not? And is woman's hour a podcast? Sounds interesting.

  2. Oh, thank you, Danielle.

    Woman's Hour is one of the programmes on Radio 4 and something of a British institution with, despite its name, a large male listenership as well as female, due to the wonderful range of topics covered. The programme is archived after its live broadcast and it's available for the following week. I do remember that when I lived in Australia as a child, Radio 4 was one of the things that my mother felt most homesick for. I'm not sure if you can listen to the podcasts from Australia, but if you can then I can't recommend it to you enough. Here's a link:

  3. I think the red and blues compliment each other. They're harmonious even though they're contrasting.

    The quilt is just fab. I like the puffiness as you describe. It looks like it adds to that squishy tactile lushness.

  4. Oh, nice work! Can we have a close-up of the tying? Promise not to judge your corners...

    I reckon you can get away with that blue, which is a really lovely shade, by the way. When I was there in 1997, a Sri Lankan textile designer called Barbara Sansoni had a sign in her [completely gorgeous] shop declaring, "To match is mediocre, to clash is divine"! It's an often-repeated phrase in my family. Not that I think your colours clash - we tend to use it to justify not-entirely-obvious combinations that somehow work.

    Had dinner with my sister and her boyfriend last night and apparently he is frequently enraged by Woman's Hour - we didn't get to the bottom of it but pointed out that it's not meant for him :-)

  5. Love the look of that quilt, and I imagine all the textures make it extra stroke-able!

    I'd go for the blue :o)

  6. The quilt looks great! Such a cool mix of colors and textures.

  7. I love your quilt...very rich, beautiful colors and texture!

  8. Your wine throw looks lucious!

    And that is a lovely shade of blue so why not try it -- you can always paint over it again.

  9. The quilt looks really sumptuous.

    I think the red and blue look great together, although will you actually be able to see them both at once?

  10. We have red wine coloured accessories in our lounge & in our adjoining pale cream hall, I have painted a large mirror oval room blue - & it looks great (if I do say so myself). Give it a go - you can always paint over it!


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