My PDF sewing patterns: 20% off until Christmas day

Thank you so much to everyone who took part in my small corner of Sew, Mama, Sew's giveaway week where I gave away six copies of my patterns - it was so lovely to have so many entries and to hear who you might be sewing for, as per the SMS rules, winners have been announced on the original giveaway post.

For those who didn't win, you might like to know that from now until midnight on the 24th December (just in case there are any elves working up until the last minute) all my patterns will carry a 20% discount that will automatically be applied at the checkout.

Reductions are as follows:

Tabitha Bag - was £6.50 / now £5.20
Lis iPhone Holder - was £6.50 / now £5.20
Cocoon Laptop Cover - was £6.50 / now £5.20
Three Bears' Sleeping Bag Pattern - was £5.00 / now £4.00
Nesta Herb Teabag Holder - was £4.50 / now £3.60
Sesame Doorstop Pattern - was £3.50 / now £2.80
Slouchy Make-Up Bag Pattern - was £3.50 / now £2.80
Happy Morning Hair Accessories Board - was £3.50 / now £2.80

If you'd to buy, or see more of my patterns, simply go through to my patterns page and either purchase directly, or click through to the relevant place for more information about each pattern. The discount won't be mentioned on the individual pages, but as soon as you are taken through to PayPal you'll see that it has been automatically applied and the reduced price is the only thing you'll see.

Thank you so much to anyone who has bought one of my patterns this year - I really appreciate it! Wishing you a lovely weekend (and after my low-level grumblings yesterday about lack of festive weather, snow is now swirling as I type! I hope you have whatever weather you have been hoping for outside your own window),

Florence x


  1. Ooh thank you - I've had my eye on your slouchy make-up bag pattern, now might just be the right time to buy in time for some last minute xmas pressies!

  2. I've fancied a go at the slouchy make up bag for a while now - it wasn't the price tag that was putting me off - just a lack of organisation on my part! A project to look forward to after Christmas, thanks. Merry Christmas to you and your family and apologies for reading your blog for ages but never leaving a message to say how much I enjoy it!

  3. I bought the slouch make up bag. Just to let your other readers know, it is a lovely easy pattern to follow and the results are excellent.

  4. Yeh, and after I said the worst Christmas weather would be wet and muddy, our regional TV weatherman has just said it's going to warm up for Christmas day and rain!

  5. Thank you so much - and thank you Home bird - that's really nice of you to say!

    Little Blue Mouse...that's not good...but the small sprinkling has helped Christmas spirits somewhat and we even had frost yesterday!


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