The Joyful Elephant Cushion Pattern PDF

I began working on an elephant project several few months ago and it ran away with itself and I ended up designing a whole quilt full of elephants for my lovely nephew. This pattern covers how to make a cushion featuring my favourite, and the most joyful-looking one of those elephants.

While an experienced sewer will whizz through this pattern, it's been written with the intention that it's easy to follow for someone relatively new to sewing. It's a good project for furthering sewing skills because within a small, manageable project you are able to experience:

Simple piecing
Light quilting
Basic straight-stitch appliqué
Inserting a concealed zip

...and you'll also obviously know how to make a cushion by the time you finish it too.

The concealed zip is neatly hidden in one of the side seams, which is my favourite method for constructing a cushion cover; it's a good technique to know for future projects because, as the zipper is completely hidden, you can actually make cushions which can be viewed from either side if you wish (something which is particularly useful if you want to make throw cushions for a sofa using beautiful upholstery or home dec fabrics)

Instructions are given for all aspects of making the cushion including appliquéing the elephant with a basic straight stitch. However, if you wish to venture further into appliqué and try out trickier stitches (such as a satin stitch) then I recently wrote a reasonably priced eBook which covers all aspects of machine appliqué.

I love the simplicity of an elephant wearing different shades of grey, however, there's no reason not to consider using much more colour and pattern:

If you like the look of the elephant then you've very welcome to scale him up or down and use my template elsewhere in other sewn projects (although obviously not in tutorials or patterns), just please remember to credit me for him. I'm also very happy for you to sell any cushions or elephant-adorned items that you make using this pattern and/or template if you're a small independent business.
If you wish to purchase a copy of the pattern, it's available for instant download as a PDF for you to view on your computer and print out at home.

Payment is completely secure through PayPal. As ever, you don't need a PayPal account to pay for this book - PayPal accepts credit and debit cards. Once you've paid, PayPal will take you to a page where you can download the pattern instantly, by clicking on the link provided. You will also receive an email containing the same link. Because of the non-returnable nature of an instant download, this pattern is non-refundable.

The PDF pattern costs £3.50 (that's around $5.50 USD/4 EUR/$5 AUD)

If you make something using this pattern I'd love it if you wanted to email me a photo of your sewing or you can drop it into the Flickr pool here.

Florence x


  1. He does look rather jolly! Have you got a photo of the quilt too? There's a sneaky teaser shot of it, but not the whole thing! I love seeing people's boy quilts, as there don't seem to be many of them around.
    I think I shall purchase your cushion pattern in the near future (too much on right now to do it immediately!), not necessarily for the elephant (although he is lovely :-D) but for the concealed zip instructions! I have lots of gorgeous Laura Ashley upholstery fabric remnants that I need to make loads of cushions from and I really wanted to do so with concealed zips but didn't know how!
    p.s. Sorry for the rather gratuitous use of exclamation marks!

    1. Yes, a concealed zip is a really nice way of making a cushion - it always feels quicker than buttons or ties.

      Gratuitous use of exclamation marks most welcome!!!!!! !!.

  2. Isn't he a happy friendly looking elephant,........."Hmmm, now do I really need an elephant cushion??"
    It's lovely, congratulations

    1. Thanks Sarah...yes, that's a tricky one - you do need to have a very particular recipient in mind to want to make one... :)

  3. I would like to try and make these myself, they are really sweet.

  4. I love your elephant and your blog generally. How pretty it all is.

  5. What a lovely cushion, the elephant is beautiful!


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