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Shall we have another gratuitous cat photo to accompany announcing the winner of the fox fabric giveaway? Unfortunately, as you can only answer that in the comments section by which time it'll be too late, I'm going to have to imagine you all enthusiastically nodding your heads to that question. Isn't she lovely? I named this photo Catball when I uploaded it. I love the shapes cats lie in.

Although there can only be one winner of the fabric stack, happily, Annie has told me that any readers who would like to make some of the Fox Hollow fabric their own can buy any print or bundle from the range with a foxy 10% off by typing in the discount code FOXY10 at the checkout. The code is valid until next Friday, 3rd August.

I actually let my daughter pick the winner of this competition as I thought she'd enjoy the animal-themed comments. She chose this comment below from Joanne because she too liked the idea of having tasty morsels delivered, although she did say that she didn't understand what Joanne meant by the aloof bit as she's never met a cat like that (clearly my daughter has never been deemed one of the 'stupid people'. I felt more familiar with the meaning though. Oh dear).

Oh lordy I too go mad for anything foxy-like fabric-wise. Much as I love foxes I think I'm more of a cat - I would happily lie in bed all day and be brought delicious morsels and have my back scratched and be aloof with stupid people. I draw the line at licking my bottom though. That is not acceptable.

Congratulations, Joanne and thank you so much to Annie for such generosity with the foxes.

In other news, after some peer group encouragement, I've joined Instagram. If you'd like to see random photos from my day (mostly sewing related with the occasional cat thrown in for good measure) my username on there is flossieteacakes - I haven't used it a huge amount as I've only just signed up and it's the summer holidays...but I can see now why people love it.

Thank you so much to everyone who bought things from my pop-up fabric shop a few weeks ago. There are now only a few bundles left. In the hope of gaining more drawer space, if you're interested you can now purchase the few remaining items with 20% off using the code DESTASH at the checkout.

1. Colette Hazel Dress by Lucky Lucille, 2. Hazel by Ginger Makes, 3. Hazel by Looking at Stars 4. Hazel by Sarai

The surprise appearance of summery weather in England has been accompanied by a sudden burst of energy around my sewing machine for me and I've fitted in lots of sewing in the evenings this week - dresses, quilts and trousers have all been finished: I have so much to share with you and only wish this inspiring weather had arrived earlier as I'd still love to make a Hazel dress...but somehow the end of July feels too late to begin making such things. What do you think? I love these versions above.

By the way I'm so sorry to Ginger for making her look so very tiny in this line-up of Hazel wearers, due to her photo being taken from slightly further away, but her version was too lovely to leave out!

Wishing you a lovely weekend,
Florence x


  1. Sew the Hazel!!! You can layer it over long sleeve tees or under cardigans, with tights or leggings when we loose the pseudo summer and move into Autumn again :P

    I have Peony waiting for me to choose fabric and stop being scared of my sewing machine, but the weather won't hold me back :)

  2. Hopefully the summer's only just starting so you'll have plenty of time to wear the Hazel if you make it now.

  3. Heeheehee, I like being a mini-me! :) Thanks for the shout-out! I think you should still try a Hazel, too! If you're worried about weather, maybe you could do a fall version in something soft and warm like corduroy!

  4. Yay Instagram! I'll find you!
    Oh, and the Hazel is on my list too. Just make it out of something dark (like blue!) and layer it with tights etc!

  5. Oh amazing - thank you so much Florence and Annie - that's fantastic!

  6. I second the cat photo idea! Go ahead and make your Hazel if you've got time - remember that summer weather in October last year? x

  7. Gratuitous cat photos are my FAVE!

  8. Cute post, lovely cat

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