My final fabric bundles: 20% off code

This is just a very quick post to firstly thank those of you who rushed to my aid and helped to clear out my drawers of fabric so incredibly quickly after my last post - I am truly grateful! There are still a few bundles left and if you'd like 20% off the price of any of those, just type in the discount code '20PERCENT' at the checkout and your fabric will soon be on its way to you. You can find my shop here.

I've also realised that many of my postage estimates were wrong, so I've now refunded anyone who paid excess postage above the actual cost of posting. I'll continue to do this for any future orders from my Etsy shop.

Posting so far has taken several trips, but all the fabrics are now on their way to their future homes. One of those trips was slightly traumatic, as when I came in from the pouring rain, I saw that what I'd thought was a biro, turned out not to be and the lovely lady at the post office very sweetly put Sellotape over all my address labels for me to stop the addresses from smudging! If you're the recipient of one of those highly Sellotaped parcels then I'm really sorry that the outer packaging looked less than pretty, but I hope you liked what you found on the inside.

Anyway, again if you'd like 20% off any of the remaining fabrics, just type in the discount code (this one is clearly designed to fox people), which is...'20PERCENT' at the checkout.

Florence x


  1. Oh gosh, that 3 bears pattern is ADORABLE! :)

  2. My lovely Tilda fabrics arrived yesterday, thank you! I can't wait to start sewing with them :-)

  3. I'm so pleased, Rachel - thank you for letting me know that they arrived safely.


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