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I'm really pleased to introduce you to my newest sponsors, Bustle & Sew, a mother and daughter team with an adorable, flower-framed rabbit face to front their business. As you can imagine, I am more than a little delighted to have this exquisite creature in my sidebar!

Bustle & Sew mainly sell their own brand PDF patterns and magazines (both digital and regular format magazines, the latter available through Amazon), as well as offering many free patterns and tutorials. Their patterns cover embroidery, softies, appliqué and quilting, with a very cohesive feel to them - animal themed, minutely-scaled, carefully made, detailed lovelies that often have a slight sense of humour to them: I love Party Animal especially, in part because of his name as he looks so sweet and docile sitting politely in his hat and like he would be the last creature to cause any mayhem. There is something about dogs that makes you want to put hats on them.

For someone who lives life with a crippling fear of all things rodent, I have a perverse love of them in sewn form (I've lost count of the number of times I've made the mousey-in-a-bed mouslings since 2007). Anyway, Bustle & Sew seem to have a pleasingly high mouse quotient to their patterns, which I love, and I adore these matrimonial mouslings - wouldn't that be an adorable wedding gift for the right people (I say right people, because there are some people I would make things by hand for and others who I just wouldn't, not because the latter are any less special, more just because I feel they may find the whole idea a bit curious and I then I might risk forever be referred to by a friend's husband as 'the odd one who gave us the mice for our wedding'...although actually, that would really make to laugh to think of being referred to in that way)

My daughter was two-and-a-half when my son was born and the mother of one of my husband's school friends sent my daughter a tiny cardboard box with some bedding and two of the tiniest, most detailed little mouse creatures I've ever seen, lying inside, each about an inch tall, perfect in miniature costume. They were to represent her and her new brother. They were just so incredibly special. Anyway, these mice really remind me of those lovely mice and I love all the detail and tiny pieces of clothing.

If you don't find yourself quite as enamoured with mice as I do, then you might enjoy looking at the menagerie of other creatures that Bustle and Sew have fabricated!

Finally, I have an interesting collective noun to leave you with that I hadn't heard before: my daughter told me this afternoon that a group of pug dogs is known as a 'grumble of pugs', which we both thought was endearingly lovely! We looked up the collective noun for Nell and our favourite option was a 'halo of golden retrievers', which seems amusingly ironic when you consider the Christmas bauble eating incident and all the other illegal activities that Nell gets up to, but also very fitting because her intentions are always so lovely and kind. Turning my own imaginings to other breeds this evening, I quite like 'a domino of dalmatians', however, I think the real skill in collective nouns for dog breeds comes in being able to capture both the character and appearance in one word and I don't think I actually know the personality traits of many dog breeds, so it's a frustratingly limited game for me.

Florence x

Ps. There is even a Florence the Flamingo!


  1. What a fun game you made up, coming up with collective nouns for dogs! Love the grumble of pugs too! Sorry, I am no help coming up with one of my own! I follow Bustle and Sew on IG. Their patterns are always a joy.

  2. Bustle and sew is lovely. I have made an embroidery of theirs - buying a pattern on etsy and the designs are often rather good. I have never bought one of the magazines but have had a good peek online and they look rather interesting as well as being filled with lovely patterns and ideas. In fact I think they may have a customer later today! I always find it a difficult balance as I am trying to find time to do my own designs yet keep getting waylaid, by other people's!

    1. I absolutely agree with your feelings about this - I rarely use patterns because I'm keen to keep growing my own designs. However, on the rare occasions I do use them I often get to appreciate another angle from which to approach something, which is really useful and I enjoy the feeling of learning from the way others order their thoughts or the techniques they choose to use...and sometimes it's so nice to switch off and just have someone else tell you what to do! I'm sewing from an Alison Glass pattern at the moment, which I'm really enjoying, but it does feel like pure self-indulgence not to be working on one of my own.

  3. Grumble of Pugs - Love it! Also love all bustle and sew - some tremendously cute projects - I adore all the woodland themed creatures.


  4. I never thought I would be tempted to sew stuffed animals, but these are so sweet! And "grumble of pugs" is such a funny turn of phrase, isn't it? I guess I almost have a grumble... are two enough to be classified as a group? :D

  5. Just read my Bustle and Sew magazine, so had to double check if I was at your site. I have a subscription and look forward to receive it every month. Pleased you enjoy it too.😊 always keeping up with your blog every week, such an inspiration! Thank you

  6. Just read my Bustle and Sew magazine, so had to double check if I was at your site. I have a subscription and look forward to receive it every month. Pleased you enjoy it too.😊 always keeping up with your blog every week, such an inspiration! Thank you


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