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I thought I'd share a few of the beautiful things that people have been making recently using my patterns. I follow RubyLovesRed on Instagram and when I opened the app up yesterday this was right at the top of my feed and the first thing that I saw. I actually emitted a little squeal of delight: it's so beautiful. When I wrote the Perpetual Spring English Paper Piecing pattern, I made it up in mostly solids and it's been a wonderful surprise seeing what it looks like made up in patterned fabrics. This feels so elegant and airy (I also love the grey fabric with a smattering of white flecks - I must find out what it is as it's like a more sophisticated polkadot).

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a_L (I've suddenly realised I don't know her real name and can't find it anywhere on her website or IG, so apologies for calling a_L 'her' and 'she') maker of these next Perpetual Spring rosettes runs the lovely screen printing company, Peach + Pluto. I love her work, so I was excited to see how a_L's version would come together. She used Cotton + Steel fabrics and fussycat macrame plant holders and tiny japanese bowls. Dreamy. If the fiddly inbetweeny bits that join the rosettes have been daunting anyone, a_L got around this by appliquéing her rosettes to a background fabric, which looks fantastic. 

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There are a few other Perpetual Springs in progress that I'll hopefully share with you another time. Here's Sharon's version of the Ring-a-Roses EPP pattern (I've just realised, it's in nearly identical colours to a_L's Perpetual Spring!). Sharon made this for a mini-quilt swap (so generous!), and is now working on a version to keep for herself. I absolutely love it - there are so many different prints in this, but somehow it still looks completely cohesive and balanced. Beautiful. 

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Victoria (if you don't already follow her then do go and take a look at her gorgeous IG feed - she's a prolific quilter and her work is beautiful) made these adorable sleeping bags using the Three Bears Sleeping Bag pattern. All of Victoria's sleeping bags were sold to raise funds for Glasgow Children's Hospital back in April and you can find out more about that here, if you'd like to. 

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Isabel made this pair of sleeping bags for two rabbits, with ticking pillows and Liberty print covers. They feel deliciously old-fashioned. If you like Liberty prints, Isabel's feed is packed with them! 

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Unlike later patterns (#PerpetualSpringEPP, #RingARosesEPP) I don't think I've included a specific hashtag for sharing in this pattern, so it's a bit more random as to whether I or other people making the same pattern ever stumble upon seeing them, but the sleeping bags with their creatures inside would look particularly sweet all lined up, so belatedly, please do hashtag any makes with #ThreeBearsSleepingBagPattern if you fancy creating a little pool of sleeping bags. If you'd like more sleeping bag inspiration, here's a few other posts containing gorgeous sleeping bags that people have made! And here's some other Ring-a-Roses makes too, if you'd like to see. 

Can I be terribly seasonally inappropriate and share this gorgeous one from under Amy's Christmas tree? As someone who currently has flu in May, I feel I can. My daughter has an app that counts down to Christmas...there are less hours left in this year than you might have imagined. I love this Aneela Hooey Little Red Riding Hood print. 

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A few months ago, Martha emailed me to share a few photos of her rope bowls. I was quite literally awe-struck. The idea that my tutorial was a starting point for a rope-bowl-maker-extroidinaire was a bizarre thought - Martha clearly quickly surpassed my own rope-bowl-making abilities! I feel particularly admiring of the one in the centre that's slightly urn-like. I'd said in my tutorial that rope-bowl making feels like the sewist's version of throwing pottery - these completely exemplify this for me - they look like works of art. Do go and have a look at Martha's blog to see more of her work.


Wishing you a lovely end to the week, 
Florence x


  1. Lovely to see all the gorgeous work - you are clearly very inspiring (and talented to think of those patterns) xx

    1. Thank you :)

      I'm not terribly good at envisaging how things might look (when I did the Perpetual Spring patterns I kept trying to imagine it in prints and had a total minds-eye block!), so it's always so lovely to come back to a pattern and see how someone else has reinterpreted it and be left thinking 'Wow, you saw that in it!', especially with the EPP patterns.

  2. Gorgeous work! It must be so exciting to see. And the gray fabric is cotton and steel sprinkles. Funny enough. It's also the darker background in the subsequent picture. It comes in a few colors, but that gray is my favorite!

    1. You're right - I hadn't noticed that! And as soon as I read that it comes in different colours, I realised that I actually own the turquoise colourway! I agree though, the grey is just lovely.

  3. Thanks so much for sharing these, they're amazing. And big thanks for the new eye candy to follow on IG. :)

  4. Really enjoying seeing the beautiful work - so inspiring. I do have a question - how do you manage crafting alongside children? I now have a five month old, and, although I'm getting a bit of time to knit, I can't envisage getting anywhere near my sewing machine in the foreseeable future...

  5. Thanks so much for sharing my mini quilt. I thoroughly enjoyed the Ring a Roses pattern and will be making another version soon.


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