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A Liberty Print Map of the World

It was a lovely thing to discover people are still reading blogs in the comments to my last post - thank you so much for letting me know :) I thought I'd drop in and share a few photos of the project I'm currently working on, which is a Liberty print map of the world (that's Africa above).  I spent several months thinking about this project before I began, pondering what size the map would need to be for all the names of the countries to fit in, how I was going to colour the map, and other bits and bobs. I ended up chatting through some of those things with a map maker, who told me there's actually no official guide for what colour should be assigned to a country, and that while some maps let this be dictated by temperature or have some kind of key relating to population or rainfall, others simply assign colours at random and that's absolutely fine in Map Land.  In the end, I decided to assign colours by continent, although that's not without issue: several cou

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