Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Some horsey inspiration....

As you can see above, today's activities only served to feed my thoughts as to appliquéing some sort of carousel! It was very much accidentally happened-upon inspiration though, for we had gone up to town with the purpose of visiting the London Aquarium with dear Grandmama in tow, so the equestrian activities were an added bonus. Zebra-Girl's homing device to all things gaudily coloured, musical and over-priced was well-tuned and she seemed to be aware of the prancing horses' presence from almost the moment we had exited Waterloo's concourse. £8 later and all four of us felt very happy, despite the fact that Zebra-Girl & I had chosen to ride a horse with a most unhorsey name; Linda, while my mother's sensibilities had been equally upset by the misspelling of her & Dinosaur-Boy's horse's name as Jeffason, rather than Jefferson. But despite all these niggles it only reconfirmed to me how utterly deliciously magical carousels can be...the music, the lights, their lovely colours...

But lovely as all those things are, the idea of all those colours on my wall (if I ever get around to making this picture) is seeming like it has the potential to induce migraines....which is why I'm thinking at the moment that I may want to sew my carousel purely in gold coloured thread and make it more of a 'line drawing' on a creamy coloured background....possibly wimping out, but I don't want to end up having to put it in one of the children's rooms because it's so garish; I'd quite like this for the living room mounted in an old gilt frame....oh how hideous I'm making it sound...if only I could take a picture of what is in my head it would all be simple. I must be quiet before I put even myself off the whole idea!

Anyway, we had a super time despite the rain and general gloom, but I have come home feeling like I may need to have an early night tucked up in bed with a good book. I'm currently reading Bonjour Tristesse, which my sister, Laura, gave to me as a gift last weekend - it is wonderful and, this week in particular when I don't feel I have the brain capacity to retain too many thoughts in my head for too many days, all the better for being such a slim volume!

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