The cupboard was bare!

Today found me lacking two cards that I needed to send and no time to get to a card shop as we were trying to get out quickly to go on a picnic before it rained again. So instead we Googled for a couple of images and made these: one a birthday card for a friend who has a passion for oxtail soup (!....we have had numerous conversations about what they do with the rest of the ox, as the tail seems to be the only part of it that is ever used for culinary purposes - if anyone knows then please do enlighten us). The other for a little boy, Ben, who Zebra-Girl & Dinosaur-Boy are friends with, who has an obsession with Star Wars - we came across this picture on Google of a stormtrooper hatching from a hen's egg in a birds nest! A delightfully surreal combination.

The picnic was nice and the rain stayed away until our walk home, at least. I've also photographed the delicious-looking strawberries that I was cutting up to take with us this morning...although I didn't get to taste any as the children gobbled them all up in about two minutes!


  1. Well, they use the tongue as well. I have to admit to being a bit partial to a tongue sandwich - that sounds so wrong on so many levels now I look at it, but what I mean is bread with meat in it. Although the other interpretation isn't bad either :)


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