Sunday, 12 August 2007

Making a chalkboard for Zebra-Girls's room

I loved doing this - although painty creations aren't normally my thing. I found some fantastic pink blackboard paint at our local diy store that you can paint straight onto the wall - it takes several coats, but the chalk actually seems to show up even more clearly than it would on a traditional black board and you can wipe it with a damp cloth the way you normally would. I bought some bits of wooden decorative....oh, have no idea what it's called (edging, cornicing, plinths???) and sprayed them gold. The only tricky bit was measuring out the angles so that the ends all met up really neatly. When I'd finally got that right I nailed them onto the wall and put some filler into any of the gaps and painted that with some of the gold spray. I put some fairies above it and a little rack to store the chalks in below it. It's big enough for three or four children to stand in front of and takes up the best part of a wall!

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