Mmmm, now where's that baby!

Sitting in bed last night with Ian he asked me if I was happy with the baby booties that I'd just finished making that evening. Yes, I replied, but I want a baby to put them on, now! He looked slightly shocked at hearing that (having spent the last couple of months deciding that our car, house and us as people are too small (well, me that is, Ian is 6ft2, but I am ridiculously small at 5ft1) to accommodate any more children easily. I will have to choose my words more carefully to avoid sending him into some kind of shock, for what I actually meant was that it would delight me to see just any baby, a random baby, one with lovely chubby feet having it's little trotters squeezed into one of my new booties. Oh how I love babies' feet!

Anyway, my dear friend, Charlotte, is having her baby soon (well, in December) and I am currently making a pink option and a blue option and will be posting a pair over to Canada as soon as I hear what sort of baby it is that arrives!

The pattern for the booties is Heather Bailey's, found here - so many options for varying the design, colours and embellishments...they are very much fun to make! I chose a spotty cotton sole for mine, instead of felt, as it picks out the red and pink from the hearts, flowers and stitching - and also requires only the tiniest scrap of material; some fabrics I have difficulty bringing myself to use because I love them so, so much, and this is one of them. It was a really cheap fabric bought from Ikea nearly five years ago, but it is one of the fabrics that I used to make Zebra-Girl's curtains - for me it represents her entire bedroom, the smell of it, the 'feel' of it and just her as a little girl (she's had them since she was two and I've altered them each time we've moved to accommodate a new window size) - so nostalgic that I can't bear to use too much of it at a time and so I eek it out on small, special projects. I dislike the idea that her curtains will be fading in the sun too (it's a bay window so when they're open in the day the sun shines straight onto them)....oh I must try not to think too much...particularly as all my thoughts seems to be so very maudlin tonight!!! (picture of much loved curtains below).


  1. oh those are the sweetest little baby shoes just goregous!

  2. Hi Florence, Welcome to the world of blogging! I've been reading your blog and think it's lovely! I look forward to seeing what you are doing in the future:)

  3. My goodness - I have these fabrics too, from Ikea about 4 years ago? I made my daughter a baby quilt from the exact same combination. I still have some precious scraps left over for another quilt!!!

  4. lovely lovely booties! oh dear, Florence, you may be getting a deluge of comments from me tonight as I go through your archives :-)

  5. Ummm I have very special memories attached to those prints also as they are the fabric of my duvet cover at our trailer and to me this is a very special sanctuary of warm sun, fresh lake water, camp fires and many special times with my daughter! The quilt you made is absolutely beautiful!! She will love it for many years to come.


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