Ooh! I seem to have been on a fabric spree!

Yesterday found me in the local fabric shop about to pass out with excitement....I had rather thought that if they stocked Amy Butler fabrics they would have large signs announcing this fact (and possibly even a brass band?)...but no, as I was ferreting through the rather chaotically stacked piles of fabrics I found the very beautiful Belle French Wallpaper fabric (far left in picture) all alone and mixed in with all the nasty old-lady's-dress prints...which somehow made it all the more delightful to happen upon it! I treated myself to a fat quarter...although I will be back for more, and can see myself buying the whole roll piecemeal...sort of like the Saturday Sweet Day of old, I may introduce a Belle French Wallpaper Wednesday.

But the excitement didn't end there, for the fabric shop has obviously been on a buying spree of it's own and had some new lovelies in store (these less well hidden than the Amy Butler) - yummy brown polkas on pink and apple green backgrounds and then the felts....I found this lovely multi-coloured polka dot which I think will make a fantastic bed cover for the the Mousy in a Bed that Molly Chicken has posted the pattern for here (I have fallen in love with these). I want to make one of these for Zebra-Girl & Dinosaur-Boy as I know they will love them too. Weirdly though, I found myself buying mousy-coloured felt for the actual mouse (I imagine most mice to be a sort of tawny brown colour)...I think for the same reason that I don't read sci-fi books....I'm simply not very good at having my animals any other colour than they are in 'real life'....I must relax and force myself to do psychedelically-coloured mice in an attempt to try and break this rather dull trait.

And there's the gold thread I bought for my carousel....which I am still having a think about...it could be some time.

We ended the day with a bike ride in the rain...Zebra-Girl's bike had arrived back from being mended so we ploughed up and down the road for a while to test it out before we decided that it was getting too wet and dark to continue (how can it be almost dark at 7pm in August???...it was so depressingly gloomy!).