Piggy in the mud

With the soporific qualities of the seaside air having now worn off, crafting has been resumed. Molly Chicken's fantastic Mousey in a bed pattern that I'd followed last week has set me off on a 'creature in a pouch' jag...and I found myself rather excited by the prospect of creating a Piggy in the Mud...so here he is. The pattern only needed a tiny bit of tweaking to transform Mousey into a squealing little piglet; a curly tail, pinched in ears, and a shorter nose that was then given the 'snout treatment' and voila! What fun! The children love him and Zebra-Girl encouraged me to embroider the word MUD on to his pillow (was this her way of tactfully suggesting that his identity transformation wasn't obviously complete, I wonder?). Whatever, the possibilities are endless!

Last night I finally started on my fairground carousel that I seem to have been talking about forever now....it's not going too badly, but I've decided that another trip to the fabric store is needed as I think I need to introduce some colours other than gold...and as my thread box hasn't previously been overflowing with metallic colours I can feel some necessary purchasing coming on! What's a girl to do?...


  1. Oh your piggy is so cute!!! Making him a "mud" pouch was so clever. Adorable!


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