A better day than yesterday...

A sigh of relief after yesterday's plastic nightmare. I was going to have a night off from making anything tonight, but felt so disgruntled that I just had to rustle something up to try and dispel the bad feeling! I'd seen something on etsy - an absolutely beautiful little purse made by bloomdesign co - a couple of weeks ago and had been desperate to have a go at recreating it....it was quite a nice project to do and the design is so simple that I was able to draw the pattern myself....somehow though, mine hasn't ended up resembling the Bloom one at all - which is both good & bad (good in that there's not too much satisfaction in recreating something exactly, bad in that I am still very much wanting one of the original purses and if I can't make something that resembles it more closely I will actually have to buy one!).

I can't quite decide whether it errs on the side of looking slightly childish though -maybe it's the fabric...Zebra-Girl may well wake up with an unexpected present beside her bed in the morning.

We had a very relaxing day today - a rare day during the holidays when we had no one to see and nowhere that we needed to go....so we stayed in our pyjamas until 1.30pm...and didn't even feel guilty! Zebra-Girl did some of the scrap book that my friend Clare bought for her earlier in the summer, although it is not actually very scrappy at all, as it is the most beautifully made book. It has lovely pom-poms dangling off the sides and sheets of stickers that you can use as photo frames. Zebra-Girl chose to use these to frame the items on her birthday wish list (in no particular order of either desperate wanting of the item on her part - it's all equally desperate - or likelihood of us actually buying the item in question on our part): a computer, an Ariel Mermaid AND Ariel dressing up costume (!), a cat that purrs (!!), a gemstone bracelet and a cuddly toy unicorn....I love the way small children covet the oddest of things that bear no relation to one another.


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