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Just a quick add-on to my earlier post (which is dated with yesterday's date, but was only actually posted this morning, due to the fact that there were so many interruptions from the small people that it took nearly 24 hours to finish it!).

Jo from French Knots has asked if I could expand a bit on Autum's bias binding advice (and I realise in retrospect that it was rather selfish to tempt you with a partial solution and then only repeat a smidgen of her advice, rather than sharing it around and potentially decreasing the world's binding problems).

Autum's advice was for the double fold binding; the kind where both edges are folded in to the centre.. She has come up with a really clever trick that will hopefully save lots of time (and tears!) using heat bond on the back side of the binding that will be on the underside of your garment/bag (but don't try applying the heat bond to both sides as apparently that can end in tears). In the UK the fusible tape is called 'Wunder Web'. If you start off by opening the binding out and stitching it onto the right side of what you're working on (raw edge to raw edge, stitching on or next to the fold), then use the heat bond to hold the under side in place meaning that you don't have to pin it or risk it slipping while you're machining. Once that's done you can then 'stitch in the ditch' (what a fantastic expression) and you're done!

The other thing that I read in a book today that seemed like it may help, is that you shouldn't fold it exactly in half, but should have one side deeper than the other (the underside) meaning that you will definitely catch it when you're stitching across the top.

Autum - I hope you don't mind me doing this and that I haven't paraphrased it too badly and missed out essential bits...perhaps there is a call for you to do a tutorial on this if you get the time?

As you can see above, today resulted in a shopping spree of wider width bias binding...strangely it was all encouraged and financed by my husband who urged me to go on a mini-spree as we walked past the sewing shop on the way to a cafe for lunch! Horay! I must remember to do the same for him when we next pass a shop selling guitars...although, perhaps not. He was sitting waiting for me to finish choosing fat quarters the other day and commented on how lucky I am to have a hobby where I could pick up things that give me so much pleasure for £2.50 each when buying a guitar is a thrice a decade event for him.

Oh, and one other thing - thanks for letting me know that you could only post on my site if you were registered with Google - I've now changed that.


  1. It sounds great! I hope it will prove helpful to you. Let me know how it works out.
    I find fusible tape to be a life saver for lots of applications. I also use it instead of pins when inserting zippers. Fuse it to the zipper tape and fuse your zip in place for stitching.

  2. Hi,

    I've just discovered you from the comment you left on my blog and very pleased to meet you!
    I love all the pictures you have posted. I love that little piggy and I think we are going to have a mouse making workshop one rainy day!

  3. Hi Claire,

    Very lovely to meet you too! So pleased you like the pictures. Am sure you will have lots of fun with the mice...they are a doddle to make and don't take too long, so perfect for doing with children - although, rather selfishly, I did mine solo...oops!


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