More postal excitement...what a lovely week!

Oh what wonderful things we have arriving through our letterbox this week (the latest in the form of a Royal Mail card, telling me that they'd called when I was out and that there was a parcel to be collected - I almost enjoy missing their calls, as the drive to the post office can be so much fun spent wondering about what might be waiting). Anyway, back in the car I very excitedly (a more patient person would have prolonged the fun and waited to unwrap it until they were back at home!) tore open the Amazon packaging to find that Ian must have been browsing my Amazon wish list and had very sweetly ordered me some of the books from it. Amy Karol's Bend the Rules has been on there for ages and so I am very excited about having a proper look through it. I'd seen Girls Best Book of Knitting, Sewing and Embroidery (Virginie Desmoulins) in Waterstones a couple of months ago - it's actually a children's book, but I'd put it on the wish list for myself, rather than for Zebra-Girl, as I think that the projects and pictures in it are just as appealing for an adult (the recommended reading age for it on Amazon is 9-12 could be saying a lot about my maturity level, but actually I think this is really underselling the book, as it's fantastic!). As well as some doll's clothes, it includes patterns for knitted fruits, beautiful bags, felt shoes and all sorts of other lovelies.

Last night Ian helped me put together Zebra-Girl's birthday party invitations - some fridge magnets and a picture of one of the cupcakes that we'd made over the summer and we were done (getting Zebra-Girl to write them all out took a lot longer!)....time is going far too quickly - I can't believe she is about to have another birthday.

Yesterday afternoon you could almost sense the last of the nice weather (we were right, it has been cloudy and drizzly all day today, but there's little satisfaction in guessing that it might be so...other than in a sort of Eeyore way...) so Dinosaur-Boy & I spent the afternoon in the park, burying his feet, having fun and generally forgetting that we both had colds that had been making us feel grumpy.

Anyway, while I've been writing this I've noticed Giger Vamp has left a comment about trying to find a button box...which reminded me that I had been meaning to write about that very thing...well almost that very thing, as my own search has been for the perfect pin tin...but I think the pin tin I have found may have a fellow button tin that is equally desirable. I saw them in the new Cath Kidston catalogue that came through in the post the other day (yet again my letterbox is the provider of all good's so pleasing when you have a clear theme running through a post, even if only by accident!) and in it I saw the most divine button tin....and a very pretty pin tin. The pin tin is hinged,which is exactly what I had been hoping for and covered in lovely roses...and so affordable at only £4!!! Horay!


  1. Hi, just found you through Cottage on the Hill, love all the things you've made, you've given me a few ideas!

    Spookily, my partner is called Ian and if you scan through my archives you'll find a pic of him in very similar garb to the 80's pic of your Ian!

    Julia x

  2. ooooh - I love getting things in the post, although I think our postman must hate me, because of all the packages he has to bring :) How lovely to have things bought for you from your wish list too!

  3. Oh!!! I have just spent a bery pleasent time reading your blog, I picked up the link from Jo's blog and I can see why she like your work... I shall return.
    Suzie Sews

  4. Oh my goodness - Julia's Ian really does seem to be identical to my own! How odd!

    Yes, it was lovely, particuarly as I'd only ever put things on the wish list to remind myself what I was wanting, rather than for other people to buy from...what a lovely surprise!

    Thank you for you lovely comment, Suzie!



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