Pin a jelly on my husband's head...

So here is the alternative to Pin the Tail on the Donkey that Ian & I have been working on for Zebra-Girl's party. Ian has created a picture of himself with the body of Pele (the famous footballer...I put that as I wasn't actually too sure who he was myself, which was the source of some disappointment to Ian) with a landscape made from magazines and carrier bags. Each child will get a sticker with their name and a picture of a jelly on it...and there you have Pin the Jelly on Zebra-Girl's Daddy's Head.


  1. what a great idea for a game!!!! I am a little curious tho....did he pick Pele because he was the world's greatest footballer, or (and I suspect this is the real reason) the outfit Pele was wearing was so unbelievably super fly? If only trousers like that still existed in the shops!!!!

  2. He claims Pele's body was the first he came across in the Sunday newspapers...but I suspect it may have been the thrill of temporarily having golden feet (even if only in paper) that made him pick that one...he did end up embellishing Pele's outfit to make it look a little more hip though! x

  3. what a cool idea, such fun to be had...
    Suzie Sews

  4. great picture.. great idea. Have fun.

  5. That's so funny ! LOL ... Julia x

  6. What a great dad! She will always remember the fun she had doing this - and you will always be glad that you kept this as a memento.

  7. Great idea. The one who pins the jelly closest to his mouth wins?


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