Shelling peas and other things...

Yesterday Grandmama visited, bringing with her all manner of vegetable delights! For Zebra-Girl, she brought some corn on the cob (one of her favourites) and also some peas for the children to shell.

They sat out in the garden after school and spent nearly half an hour completely absorbed in the task, carefully running their nails along the edges and digging their fingers in to try and split open the pod, with Dinosaur-Boy eating nearly as many as he shelled.

Dinosaur-Boy enjoyed swirling the peas around in the colander and listening to the noise they made and looking at their reflection on the metal.

When I went to cook the corn on the cobs we noticed that we seemed to have gained a flower!

While I cooked, Grandmama sat out in the garden and read them one of my own favourite childhood stories about two naughty penguins, Pen & Gwen, who are ordered to shell peas by their mother, and inevitably get up to all sorts of mischief instead and end up taking a motorbike for a 'joyride'...all told in rhyming verse, with beautiful illustrations. It's an old Ladybird book that's now out of print, but definitely worth picking up if you happen to see it in a charity shop, inappropriately called, for our time of reading at least, 'The first day of the holidays'

Oohhh! And how lovely, I have just had a knock at the door and found a friend on the doorstep delivering these flowers to thank me for a favour that was far too small to warrant these beautiful flowers...but how wonderful all the same! What a gorgeous bag too!!!! Horay!

I am ploughing on with my fairground is one of those projects that I've got half way through and am wondering what actually possessed me to want to do it...but I am being encouraged to persevere by Zebra-Girl, who says she loves it (but then she too has an obsession with carousels)....


  1. I had that book!!!! I'd completely forgotten about it until now!!!!

  2. Isn't it weird when you suddenly come across something that you'd completely forgotten from childhood!

  3. Love your blog, came vis suzie sews (I think) ~ Julia x


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