Monday, 5 November 2007

I must make errors of judgement more often...

as it is now essential that I go up to London tomorrow and leave my lovely mother in charge of the children for the day so that I can go and return some boots that I purchased while visiting my sister - they had the unfortunate effect of making any hint of an ankle disappear and left only a pair of tubeified legs, closely resembling sausages. At first I couldn't quite admit to myself that I had made this error as it would mean such great hassle in order to return them, but second opinions revealed that it was not just me that was seeing sausages...however, as I plan my trip up I am realising that this will not be such a bad thing as I have several Christmas presents that I'm making where only John Lewis will do when it comes to fabric selection, so my first port of call (after returning the boots....oh, I so dislike returning things and sorry, sorry, sorry, Laura, that I needlessly put you through the trial of spending an hour with me while being indecisive over whether to buy them in the first place!) will be there, and as long as I'm not too flibbertygibberty over making my choices, I'm also hoping to fit in a quick trip to VV Rouleaux which I have been told has quite the most exquisite collection of ribbons and trimmings. Above is one of the colour swatches from their website showing their samples of Velvet Piping Tape...I didn't know that existed pre-made, but thank goodness it does, as I now want some very much indeed!


  1. You will have so much fun! VV Rouleaux is a fab place I can't leave without some wonderful purchase, a real Aladdin's cave.

  2. I love that shop - it's so fabulous! have a good trip and good luck with the boots. I know only too well the horror of buying boots so I truly sympathise.

  3. vv Rouleaux is actually heaven, really - when the good crafters die that's where they go. Bad ones end up in fabric warehouse. Tis true y'know ;)

  4. What a shame about the boots! Oh well here's to another trip with out the children!!

    Tell us what you bought?

  5. you are sooo lucky getting to go to VV Rouleaux!, if you get chance, check my blog. i have nominated you for a 'smile award' : )

  6. Hello, first visit here & enjoyed reading your blog ! especially the bit about the sausage legs ...


  7. Lucky you - a trip to VV Rouleaux. I am very jealous! I have small children too - not compatible with browsing through haberdashery!


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