Christmas kimonos...

This is one of the Christmas presents that I made for my sister, Laura, this year. A kimono using Heather Bailey fabric and wide satin ribbon to edge it with. I made it from my own pattern...which currently exists only as a series of measurements and badly drawn pictures on the back of an the new year I will try and mark it all out on some pattern paper to make it quicker to remake, as I so enjoyed sewing it together, that I think I may see whether they are something that might sell if I start up a shop on etsy in the new year.

Here she is modelling it for me yesterday. I'm so pleased that it seems to fit so well and I think it looks good with the ribbon tied at the side, but even better, as Laura chooses to wear it, with the tie at the back, creating a lovely flat cummerbund effect across the front.

Laura's kimono has been hanging on our bedroom wall for nearly two months and the room now looks very empty without it. I recently showed it to my mother-in-law and she thought that her daughter, Suzanne (my sister-in-law), would also like one too for Christmas, so you can see her one pictured below on the left. Also made using a Heather Bailey Freshcut fabric, this time with a creamy satin edging.

Below is a close-up of the fabric around the pocket (the belt is draped around the neck...that's what the dangly bit is...just in case you were wondering).

And the eagle-eyed amongst you may have noticed that in my new 'this is me' photo I appear to have stolen my sister's is back with it's rightful owner now...but Laura very sweetly let me borrow it for a couple of minutes yesterday and photographed me while wearing it.


  1. Very lovely indeed - and very impressive that you cut into such beautiful fabric without a pattern. That would have left me hyperventilating until March.

  2. These are just gorgeous--and it's so impressive that they are your own design! How lucky the recipients are.

  3. They are fabulous! Kimonos are always beautiful and decorative , their shape I suppose.

  4. Beautiful! I can't believe you created your own pattern for them ... they are so sleek and fitted. Wonderful job.

  5. Hello! I've just come across your blog and had to write and say I very much hope you make some of your kimonos for your Etsy shop as I would love one, they are beautiful! Your sister is very lucky.


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