Monday, 7 January 2008

And for my dear Mama...

Above is a tab made from some scrummy blue suede that I bought on my trip to London specifically for...making a tab with! The tab is a small part of the bag that I made for my mother's Christmas gift. I hunted high and low for some minky coloured suiting for the main body of the bag as so much of her wardrobe is in lovely muted shades of brown...and eventually I found it at the top of a very high tower of fabric bolts in Borovick's on Berwick Street. I have lined it with blue silk and then, because my mother is all about the detail, I edged the pockets that will hold her mobile phone and purse with brown velvet.

This was my first bag snap...very satisfying to install...but I did feel a little nervous as I cut the required hole in my material, but it was fine! It has an incredibly strong magnet...perhaps a little too strong. I think next time I may try and purchase something that will keep one's arm muscles in proportion with the rest of one's body.

Here it is in full (above) appears to be gaping...but that's just the way I positioned it (easy to do as my mother likes her bags with a very heavyweight interlining to accommodate the enormous array of items that make up her survival kit - who else carries a karabina in their bag?...and she is very much a city sort of girl, just in case you were thinking that this may be justifiable, had she a penchant for rock-climbing/camping - as well as the small library she likes to carry around under her arm). And here she is modelling it for me....

I have piped around the bottom to give some more shape...and space. And when you get a bit closer you can see that, as I did last time when I made this style of bag, I've done contrast stitching on the outside that matches the lining on the inside. Thankfully the lining is much more subtle than my previous disaster (when the lining was too coarse, too lurid and just generally too hideous to be viewed by human eyes without the aid of sunglasses...whatever possessed me!).

Anyway, I'm so sorry to show you this bag from every conceivable angle, but there's something about making a bag that makes me feel ridiculously proud when it's finally finished. It puzzles me how Lisa and Jo are able to pop out dreamy bags almost daily without the need take to their beds for an entire week after each one....on this basis my children have a lot to be thankful for that I only attempt a bag about every two months...).


  1. Fabulous attention to detail Florence. Very inspiring... Especially love the ribbon on the inside!

  2. Such kind words, me deary, and I certainly shouldn't be in the same sentence as Lisa. But let me tell you about my first magnetic snap, for yes, they are powerful strong, and I was not wise in the way of interfacing, nor of attaching the fat magnetic half to the most sturdy part of the bag, and lo, the bag did rip in two.

    Okay, not quite in two, but it did rip the lining quite spectacularly :)

    Your bag, on the other hand, looks fabulous, and I'm certain that there'll be no such mishaps. It's very beautiful indeed, and I'm glad I'm not the only one who carts a library round London in her bag :)

  3. It's gorgeous! Especially the little tab and the brown velvet. These tiny things do make a ridiculous amount of difference.

  4. Wow, what an amazing bag, so so lovely, I have to say I would be so scared to attempt a bag like that, I must pull myself together!
    And the colours are divine, tip-top!

  5. What a fabulous bag, I love the way you use fabrics to make tags on your creations.

  6. this bag looks absolutely fantastic, so much detail, so professional...perfect!

  7.'s truly gorgeous...your mum must be thrilled to bits with it! your attention to detail is fantastic + all those photos are very welcome. thanks for sharing your success story with us : )

  8. That bag is just beautiful - I particularly like the brown velvet trim on the inner pockets. It sets the lining off perfectly.

  9. Your Mama's bag is great! The blue silk lining is a fab contrast with the wool, suede tag, velvet and piping for detail. Fabulous!

  10. Wow, it's fabulous, Florence. Your mom must be thrilled--she's so lucky!

  11. The bag looks beautiful, you've got some lovely things on your blog!

  12. Stunning bag! Really love the colors and the style. Your blog is new to me so I am going to have a nice look around!


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