Lazy Sunday afternoon...

Our day started with a flurry of activity...ripping the last bits of our old kitchen out in preparation for the new one being fitted tomorrow, dropping the children over to their grandparent's house, driving around trying to find some Super Unleaded (what's happened...why is there none left?), a quick trip to Sainsburys to stock up on ready meals for our week without a sink or oven, packing the car for trips to the tip, then a hurried lunch for two on the floor in our newly empty room. Over to the grandparent's to pick the children up and then off to take Zebra-girl straight to a birthday starts to rain...I rush her into the party and then we bundle Dinosaur-boy into his pushchair hoping to go for a walk on the common, but we realise we have forgotten his raincover, so we put a scarf over his knees and he looks like a little old man...he grumbles...then suddenly he is ASLEEP and we find ourselves with two hours to ourselves and a pile of Sunday newspapers underneath the pushchair waiting to be read. We scuttle off to a cafe, worrying that our dash across the cobbles will waken the Dinosaur...but he slumbers on...and ahhhh, how lovely; fresh mint tea for me, a black coffee for Ian and papers all over the table. An unexpectedly wonderful lazy Sunday afternoon.


  1. That's how Sundays are supposed to be!!!!! I found myself shopping cooking and supervising daughter with her cutting and sticking to make her 'Thank you Cards'.

    I hope your not sick of ready meals midway through the week!

  2. Hi Florence,
    So rare to get those quiet moments with kids isn't it! Glad you had a lovely time. Our Sunday has consisted of a 2 hour Monopoly game, a friends party for my 7yr old, taking down the decorations and nit treatment for the whole family!!!
    Things are never the same after having kids!
    Have a good week.
    ginny x
    ps. you are so good and posting loads.. puts me to shame... whoops long comment.x

  3. Don't you just love those days? Hope your kitchen fitting goes well!

  4. sounds like a pretty good day to me, we're all worn out, it was lucy's birthday today so been swimming and taken her to a toy shop to pick her own present!

    have fun with no kitchen!!, last year, we had no kitchen or cooker for 5 months, it was hell. took so long due to building work, re-wiring etc. must have spent a fortune on takeaways. you can actually do a not too bad potato gratin in the microwave. we also ate a lot of cous cous!

  5. hope the kitchen fitting goes ok! sounds like you had a perfect afternoon.

  6. What an unexpected treat! A bit of quiet before the kitchen fitting storm.

  7. So wonderful when it happens. Good luck with the kitchen!

  8. Unexpected rare, so great! It feels such a guilty pleasure to enjoy the peace ....

  9. Oh that sounds so lovely. What a well timed nap!


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