Wednesday, 30 January 2008

A little more at the bottom of the basket...

For well over a decade my mother's laundry basket has been lined with a large thick white plastic bag that has slumped down to the bottom of the basket whenever one attempts to deposit any clothing into it, so from the moment my mother finally brought it into the house and started using it, after struggling across London with it on rush-hour buses, tubes and trains, her relationship with it was troubled. I think it is these small irksome things that can grind down your spirit on a bad day, when everything is going wrong and even your linen basket seems out to get you.

So making a proper liner that stays in place has been on my list of things to do for a long time...supposedly simple but the hinges were a problem that I hadn't thought of - it needs to be removable for washing, but somehow fitted neatly in place around the hinges at the back...a long strokey beard moment (more metaphorical stroking than literal....or at least I hope so!), some muttering and a necessary amount of furious chocolate chewing and my plan was hatched (I won't bore you with the details, but feel free to make enquiries if you find yourself in a similar predicament and I may be able to save you from the above list of problem-solving aides). But, problem aside, the whole project seemed a little dull and I decided to sew in a message for my mother to see each time she had worked her way to the bottom of the basket.

A blurry photo - but it says 'Well done Mama! An empty basket.'

P.S: Thank you so much for all your kind comments on my new kitchen - the cup & saucer may look familiar
Louise, as I thought that when I first saw it too (I wonder whether there's a childhood book that a similar design was featured in...) - I'd been on the trail of the teacup for some time, after seeing a photo of it and developing an obsession with actually possessing it, and it has only recently found its' way into my happy little mitts...but more on that later in the week as suddenly I feel like doing a whole post on the subject of teacups. I also loved hearing how everyone sorts their books (and am getting the message that colour-coding is a BAD thing! Ian thanks you all wholeheartedly, but has implored me not to alphabetise either!), so thank you again for all your commenty goodness!


  1. Now there's an incentive for finishing all your laundry! Speaking of which, must reboot the washing machine or there'll be no uniform for tomorrow. Boys and mud... tsk tsk.

  2. What a cheerful message, made me smile. I may have to add something like that to the bottom of my own laundry hamper.

  3. So sweet Florence, although seriously in our house I'd never get to see the bottom of it!

  4. I love this idea, although I never get to the bottom of the laundry hamper and it would become like some type of urban legend in our family.

    Your kitchen is beautiful. Just the sort of European simplicity I would love to have in my own home some day. Great work!

  5. I don't think I ever get to see the bottom of my laundry basket - there's always just one more thing in there. I think I have some kind of sprite in the house, and he does it just to make me scream!

  6. Hi it's Hazel,
    What a lovely idea for your mum she is going to love it, as I would. I have a laundry basket at Vicki's with a cloth insert, you could go and see how that is done for another, easier? idea. As to the books, I need them in height order. If Richard puts a tall one amongst the short ones, it calls out to be put back.
    I love this blogging, it's such fun

  7. Love the pics of the 'before' and 'after' ... it looks truly lovely.

    Now, that teacup and saucer. How beautiful. I have started collecting teacups recently. The prettier the better, I love this pink one.

    I think, for Valetines, instead of flowers I'll ask for an antique teacup and saucer - I might be wishful thinking here however.

  8. Hi Florence
    This is Clare - Hazel's other daughter. I have to just say that you are a complete inspiration to me! I am somewhat of a closet crafter (not entirely sure why really). But maybe it is time I come out of the closet! I made a necklace the other day (something I like doing but haven't done for quite some time) and funnily enough that was immediately after reading your blog. THANK YOU for that inspiration - I LOVE the handbags BTW and would love to know how to make them!

  9. What a nice daughter you are. The embroidery on the bottom is such a nice touch!

  10. Aha, I'm not the only one who has long, strokey beard moments! Absolutely metaphorical of course!!

  11. I love it! What a brilliant idea!

  12. Florence! How sweet is this!!!! Adorable! You are so thoughtful! Now you can come visit our laundry basket, ah, er, heap!

  13. What a sweet thing to do and the message is a great idea!


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