The tissue paper files...

At the start of our fortnight off school together, the children and I began to make plans about what we would like to do with our days....

One of those discussions resulted in us deciding that we would be in need of industrial quantities of tissue paper.

So we went to the shops....and bought a rainbow of papers....

....shown here.....

I am quite in love with photographing these gorgeous colours that look so divine and different with every angle or shape into which they are bent.

We finished our project has taken hours and hours of cutting, gluing, scrunching and peeling...and our tissue paper is nearly all used up. The children have worked so hard....and much as I love the neat and orderliness of the stack that is shown here, the tissue paper looks even nicer in its new form: I will show you what they have made in my next post.

Sorry for the brevity this week - I am high on pictures and low on words....I wonder where I've put them...

Wishing you all lovely weekends. x


  1. Wow, I love colour! Your photos were beautiful. I cannot wait to see what the little Teacakes have made!

  2. Lovely Florence! The colors are divine and it must have been a great crafting time for you and the children! Happy weekend.
    -Emily xx

  3. I have a tissue paper passion.
    I am currently looking for chocolate brown - don't ask me why but I have to get my paws on some.
    Lovely photos:)

  4. Really looking forward to seeing what you have created from the tissue paper - enjoy the holidays - Natalie x

  5. What a beautiful range of colours - tissue paper always looks so festive! Enjoy the slower pace over the next two weeks, and I hope you and your children have plenty of time to be creative. Can't wait to see the finished project!

  6. Gorgeous happy colours :) I'm looking forward to seeing what you have all made. We just had a week of inside activities due to the kids being a bit sick (too sick to go out, but not sick enough to not get bored being stuck at home). The biggest hit was the humungous cave we built out of the couch, the dining chairs, and loads of pillows, sheets and quilts. Amazing how long it kept them occupied and happy for! But I do love tissue paper activities, so now I'm waiting with baited breath (it's nice having things like this ready to pull out of my sleeve when the need or opportunity arises). Cheers, Bec.

  7. The tissue paper looks quite yummy. I'm looking forward to the end result.

  8. love those colours - can't wait to see the finished result.

  9. The colours look wonderful all together like that. Looking forward to the project unveiling!

  10. I love tissue paper!! And in those colours - just gorgeous. I am dying to see what you have all created...oh the suspense!

  11. such lovely colours-when I was a child we used to paste the tissue paper to our school windows as stained glass pattern- I must give that ago!

  12. lovely colours,
    looking forward to seeing what the little ones made with it.
    Happy weekend.
    Sarah x

  13. a picture is worth a thousand words, well yours are anyway!

  14. Tissue paper is lovely stuff - I love the way the colours change as you lay sheets over one another. I wonder what you have been making?

  15. I love tissue paper and your photos tell me why! Thank you!


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