Lowering the tone in Liberty...

All week I had been counting down the days to the weekend, which for me, officially began on Friday afternoon when my parents came and collected the little Teacakes, leaving Ian and I to meet later for dinner. Mr Teacakes tried his best to persuade me to drink more than a little, but despite earlier kind assurances from Lisa that she would arrive with Neurofen in the morning, I was determined not to be the green girl in the corner again - as was my way on our last meeting - when I was due to meet up with Lisa, Joanne and Helen on Saturday.

Our meetings are ostensibly arranged around fabric and haberdashery shopping, but actually these things just provide a backdrop and occasional distraction to our constant chatter and cheek-ache-inducing laughter...the ratio seems to be five broken minutes of actual product perusal to half an hour of loitering around a fabric stand that temporarily morphs into a make-shift living room as we get stuck on discussing such things as why someone might make their own knickers (a crafting step too far...we thought) and what materials might be involved in their construction, to where one might go to achieve the best eyebrow shape (that would be here...for reasons too numerous to mention). Wonderfully, we stumbled across what I think was this book (I can't be entirely certain, as our focus quickly shifted to what was inside the book) only hours after it first came up in conversation...the pictures revealed strangely hair-free men wearing red and black polka dotted, lace-edged boxer shorts (perhaps it pays to be more aerodynamic when wearing such a garment?), the finer points of gusset insertion, and other gems - you can only imagine our delight!

Pierre Victoire was our chosen venue for a merged lunch and dinner, followed by cocktails at our past haunt, the 5th View Bar in Waterstones Piccadilly. Mr Teacakes joined us for last orders, having spent the day meeting up with his own friends, and then led me in a mad dash across the West End to try and catch our last train home before pumpkin-time...sprinting and Hazelnut Martinis aren't the best mix, but the alcohol at least served to anaesthetise the pain in my feet as they pounded against the pavements with only a worn millimetre of ballet flat sole between them. As we had bounded down the five flights of stairs in Waterstones and reached the bottom I could still hear the laughter of the others echoing down the stairwell as they waited for the lift above - what lovely, lovely girls. I do hope that we are still meeting up for these days when we are old ladies.

Here's Joanne with her latest and most wonderful bag...I stopped short of getting a seam ripper out to see exactly how one particularly covetable part of it had been constructed...but only just (more details of inner zipped section here).

Here she is winking the lovely lining...she chose her drink to compliment it, obviously (well, she didn't really, but it was a pleasing coincidence)...


...and Lisa, howling with laughter - I love this photo.

I woke to find that, like Helen, my head was pounding and my will to pull myself out of bed was small, but luckily I had helpers to get me up who were so pleased to see us after two bedtimes without, despite having had wonderful adventures with their grandparents.

Today found all of four of us on the train up to London again, this time to visit Ian's sister...where the children tried on their bridesmaid and page boy outfits for her wedding, and we ate far too much delicious food.

What a perfect weekend.


  1. i love bloggy meet ups, your always look such fun!, i was lucky enough to meet manda from treefall the other day, as well as (a very tall) amy butler. i think joanne and lisa both met her at a book signing this week too.

  2. sorry 'yours' always look such fun, not your!

    serves me right for trying to type and sew at the same time!

  3. Yes, I did do the radiators as you've now discovered, although you did make me doubt myself for a moment (it's late). Perhaps we could both check for our own reflections in mirrors, as a test to see who is actually paying attention - I think I'd fail to recognise myself entirely right now since my deserved headache has caught up with me...


  4. Isn't meeting other craft bloggers the very best of fun. It is extraordinary how much we have in common. Looks like a lovely time was had - and yummy drinks too!

  5. That looks like so much fun! I'm living vicariously through blogged trips out at the moment - this was a good one!

  6. You all had a great time, didn't you!! Lovely pics to tell the tale.

  7. Sounds like a perfect weekend indeed! What a lovely bloggy meet up!

  8. Looks as if you had a wonderful time. It's a comforting thing to have other crafty friends. Crafty as in fellow making/creating 'peeps' of course, and not crafty as in devious/underhand!

  9. Thought I heard giggling...

  10. Isn't it extraordinary how friendships made almost accidentally can become so important and life-enhancing.

  11. So how do you feel about London 2012 after your sprint to Charing Cross? I'm guessing the cocktails don't form part of the ordinary preparations for a race though ...

    It was so much fun! x

  12. Sounds fun Florence. Love the pictures too xx

  13. Great pics Florence! and I couldn't have described the outing better myself. I'm so glad you reminded me about the underwear book (so least you all witnessed it too, I wasn't having nightmares about men who like the feel silky fabric against their skin...shudder).

    Yeah, making it to Charing X in 7 mins flat from Piccadilly is no mean feat. Blimey if you went into training I'm positive that you'd be adding to the Brits run of gold medals left right & centre!


  14. Looks like a blissful day! And can I just say no, no, no, surely making your own underwear has to be the pinicle of crafting! Albeit lovely underwear for yourself, not lace edged boxers.

    I think making underwear for the man in your life is a step too far... ...hmm or is it?

    Oh no, my mind is on overdrive now!

    ps, love your blog

  15. Looks like you had a real giggle, thanks for sharing.


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