Wanting to eat colours...

Blogging has taken a back seat over the last week or so as I have been sewing almost constantly and I now have the most enormous stash of things around me waiting to be photographed and loaded onto my site, as well as shared here on my blog. So in the meantime, here are some photos of some pincushions that I made for a custom order at the start of last week. The delicious matryoshka card in the background was sent to me by my sister, another one of Gwendolen's wonderful designs.

Here they are about to be tissue wrapped...which would have been a lot quicker if I hadn't kept stopping and taking photographs of them - the sunshine was so lovely that day and nice light always makes me feel like getting my camera out and taking a completely excessive amount of pictures.

So other than sewing I have been answering the door to the postman...

Today I received these fabrics from the wonderful Saints & Pinners - it is such a treat to find a website that is based in the UK that stocks the kind of fabrics that all too often, and very upsettingly, only seem to be available from overseas. It is perhaps rather remiss of me, but I have never owned any Anna Maria Horner fabrics until today, and my heart did a little leap when I unwrapped the package and saw this amazing print on top - the colours are, to my eyes anyway, completely perfect. Is it wrong to want to consume colours, I wonder. I can't stop glancing at this print as I write this... it is destined to become a make-up bag I think.

I wonder if eyes have changing appetites and preferences for certain colours in the same way that our tastebuds do for food, because this morning I saw a similarly olivey Orla Keily mug in a shop and practically passed out with happiness. Mr Teacakes would be so proud of me though, for despite the fact that it felt like I may suffer grave pains if I walked away without purchasing one, somehow that's what I did...helped by the thought that I would later show them to him on the internet and see whether he felt similarly in love with them - there's something about Orla Keily prints that makes me feel they must be just as appealing to men as they are to women. I feel absolutely positive that drinks would also taste better out of them. You see what awful things eyes can do! Be still, eyebuds!
Anyway, back to the postman, he also brought some reading material for the Little Teacakes, after they were gifted with an Amazon voucher. Zebra-girl has been reading Gobbolino the Witch's Cat to herself at night and loves it, but I wanted some that I could read to both of them after school time, so chose the Adventures of the Little Wooden Horse by the same author, as well as several others which look interesting. The reading of them will hopefully be a lot more relaxing than what we got up to last night.

The Teacakes wanted to make buses for their Littlest Pet Shop creatures - they were specific in their requirements - wheels must be able to move and be on an axle (!), doors must be able to open, windows should be plentiful...it was quite a challenge for me and it became increasingly clear that mummy was not up to the job. The wheels, while free-spinning on their axles in mid-air, do not turn around on carpet (or any other surface for that matter). Dinosaur-boy disposed with his and kindly told me that his bus would be on imaginary skis instead. Then I realised that the Littlest Pets actually have the largest heads and no amount of breathing in was going to get this puppy through the door - he now entrances through the window, Dukes of Hazard styley.


  1. I defy you to get through the Little Wooden Horse without crying. I couldn't!

  2. My bigger one has been making skateboards for teddies at school - if you want free turning axles I may be your woman!

  3. Florence, those pin cushions look good enough to eat! Infact I thought they were cakes when I first arrived! x

  4. Your pin cushions are adorable! I love the flower in the center and the super sweet colors. Glad you stopped for photos!

  5. What adorable pin cushions - I know the recipient will just love them. Welcome to the world of Anna Maria Horner. I have used her fabrics for some time now and, like you, sometimes I simply want to eat them.

  6. My pincushion is still working hard every day next to me in my sewing room, thank you Florence.
    Those fabrics are just gorgeous and thanks for the link. Great shop x

  7. Hi there, I love your blog and I hope you dont mind, but I've added your blog onto my blogroll on my site.
    I am hosting a swap at the moment on my site, please feel free to pop over and take a look, and to join the swap if you wish.
    Take Care
    Love Melanie xxx

  8. I wish all buses had a dukes of hazzard style window door! :)
    Love your pin cushions, and cant wait to see all the creations for your shop
    Charlotte xx

  9. I just love those pincushions. I have to ask, where do the lovely heart shaped pins come from, never found any where I shop.


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