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Firstly, welcome to anyone who is visiting from Sew Mama Sew! - it's so lovely to have you here. Beth and Kristen recently asked if I'd like to contribute to their month-long June Sewing Machine extravaganza and I was utterly delighted - if you haven't already, do go and visit...they're even giving a way a whole sewing machine (yes, in its wonderful entirety!). I chose to write about sewing machine feet as they're something I feel weirdly passionate about...and also because the minute Beth gave me my options I imagined the potential for creating this ridiculous picture with my ballet slippers housing my sewing machine feet instead of my own feet...and well, small things amuse, no?

I have been finishing off some custom orders for t-shirts today, as well as making some more bibs up for my shop...which is good, because yesterday I achieved virtually nothing as it was so lovely and sunshiny that it felt all wrong to be inside when I could be outside having lunch in the garden with a good friend...this could bode badly for summer productivity levels, but I shall ask my sweet Mother not to send me emails letting me know that the forecast for the rest of the week is poor so to enjoy it while it's leads to panic sunshine consumption.

Dinosaur-boy had asked if I would make him a t-shirt with a chocolate ice-cream on it - I felt a little sad seeing him trying it on, because I realised as soon as he put it on that by next summer, when he'll be 6 (or gosh, maybe even just by next week), he will almost certainly want his t-shirts with something cooler, scarier and just more raaaaa! on them and will be unlikely to continue to enjoy something just because it gives him the opportunity to pretend to eat himself. I love how chubby and little his arms look in this photo though.

Anyway, as this post started on feet and shoes, I thought that I may just end it on them are some feet of the non-stitching variety at home in their new shoes. I am completely in love with these shoes for they are mustard and go perfectly with the bag that I made for myself last summer, have chunky high wedge heels and are just all round perfect. I love them to the point of considering buying a back-up pair just in case these ones are involved in any kind of unfortunate footish mishap.

I took this photo during a four-hour long swing park marathon with the little Teacakes over half-term...sandcastles were built, ropes climbed, the delicious smell of suntan lotion on warm skin was breathed in and I felt ridiculously happy every time I looked at my shoes. And just in case you were worrying, no, I haven't been ironing strange creases into my jeans...these are just denimy-coloured wide-legged trousers...a point that I feel an overwhelming need to clarify.


  1. What a great article (and photos). It's hard for a new sewer to find insight and information about sewing machine feet all in one place. You, quite simply, rock! :)

  2. Florence, I just had to drop by and say thank you for an amazing post at SMS. So incredibly helpful and knowledgeable, very impressive indeed. I'm starting to think I may have to upgrade my very basic machine and I'd be interested to know more about the integrated walkng foot - would you mind sharing details of your machine?

  3. Shoe adoration is wonderful. Feet arre quite yucky really and then you put a thing of beauty and colour and you can stare at your feet all day long. Quite right too as they look fab shoes.


  4. This is just such a helpful post. My husband and I only married recently, and the darling thing that his is gave in to my doe eyed pleading and let me spend some of our John Lewis Wedding Gift vouchers on a new machine (see that is why I married him).

    The machine (lovely and shiny that it is) only came with the basic of basic feet, I did buy a 1/4 inch foot with in days, but I have been musing over which additional feet to choose.

    Thank you for balanced and well explained reasoning. So very helpful.

    Also - love your blog, I can't believe I have only just found you (though SMS) Woo! for a fantastic British Craft Blog!

  5. Hi Lina - I'm so pleased you liked it - thank you!

    My machine is a Pfaff Classic Home 1529. It is actually a very basic one, has no fancy stitches and is uncomputerised, but I think the actual build of it is amazing - the built in walking foot, and its flexible feet which means it can go from sewing thin to thick materials effortlessly make it wonderful to use...and there are the most wonderful range of feet available for it. So I'm not sure that most people would think of it as a machine to 'upgrade' to...but actually I'm really tempted to buy a second identical one as I'm so worried about the day when it finally needs to be replaced. There's nothing that it can't do that I want it to do...and so oddly, I can't ever see myself wanting anything fancier...but perhaps I'm just a little simple!

    If you do end up going for a Pfaff (I think they all have built in IDT, so are definitely a brand worth looking at) I'd try to find a shop that still has some of last year's models in stock which were made in Germany - they have recently changed production over to China and I have compared the two and the Chinese ones feel a little noisier and my local shop tell me that the build quality isn't quite as lovely. x

  6. Ooh I love those shoes and the pants and the bag - gorgeous!!

  7. I loved the blog post! I absolutely needed a foot explanation(?) being so new to sewing...I'm always wondering if I'm using the correct foot for the job!

    Now I must know where I ca nget a pair of shoes like those! I've been searching for a pair that shade!?

  8. I love reading your blog Florence. You always seem such a genuinely lovely warm person. I hope everyone who is lucky enough to know you tells you so - regularly! I love the things you make - always with consummate care and attention to detail and always presented modestly. And finally I adore your cats. Beautiful the pair of them. Lovely little furry teacakes. I do like their litle house.

  9. Loved the guide about using the different machine feet. Also those shoes might be the most fabulous shoes I've ever seen! Where on earth did you get them? I always buy backups of things I truly love and highly recommend it!

  10. Thanks for putting together such a fantastic article! It is so detailed and so much help when you're a newbie sewer! Thanks for sharing.

  11. Chère Florence, just read your post on presser feet and loved it. You obviously have a PFAFF, and like you my beloved foot is the appliqué one, love your appliqués ,they're gorgeous.
    I'm getting back on your blog, à bientôt, Stéphanie

  12. splendid post about feet - how I envy your integrated walking foot! And you remind me that I do want a quarter inch foot very badly. There's never and end to it is there? Always something else to buy...

    (cute shoes!)

  13. How cute must your little dinosaur boy look in his chocolate ice t-shirt!

    The sew mama sew post is really well done - the photography is great.

    Oh and I LOVE the shoes. How long did it take you to decide? x

  14. Great advice! I want to learn how to sew and now have added various feet to my need to buy list! You don't by any chance offer lessons or take custom orders? ;)

  15. Anonymous - you have made my day with your wonderfully kind comment - thank you!

    Jessica - I wouldn't feel qualified to give lessons as I'm entirely self-taught. However, you're very welcome to ask questions if it's something that you imagine I might be able to help with. I do, however, take custom orders - please feel free to contact me if you would like me to make something for you.

    Thank you so much all other lovely commenters for your comments - I do love hearing from you. x


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