Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Manly iPhone holders

I'd mentioned the wonderful Arcadia range in my last post...and here's some of it all stitched up. I'd had a couple of requests for some manly iPhone holders and this range, with its miniature prints, is perfect for this type of small item. As so many of you will already have discovered, the wonderful thing about the iPhone is that it's mp3 player, radio, email, phone and internet all in one, dispensing with the need to carry several electronic gadgets around in one's pocket...which is what I am guessing men are forced to do in the absence of any Man Bag.

But luckily for them, in the same way that a man's make-up free face never seems to look pasty and washed-out, a man with his pockets full of keys, money, phones and all the other gubbins that gets taken along never seems to suffer from a bulky or misshapen silhouette. I have no idea how this can be so, but despite this natural propensity to looking good, still one of the commissioning males was not content with mere gadgetry downsizing, and requested that his iPhone holder should double as a wallet also. So on the back I have created a little card and notes holder.

The other man requested that his should have a Velcro flap to keep the iPhone securely in place. I like to believe that this is because he is planning on doing cartwheels and handstands and other things that might potentially cause his iPhone to go leaping wildly from his pocket.

While I was making these I noted down the need to research whether some sort of hand-held miniature sewing machine exists...there are some things that are just too small to fit onto the arm of the sewing machine and it took a frustratingly long time to find a way around this problem.

Anyway, this post is forced into being uncharacteristically brief (addendum: this is no longer the case...as I end up wittering on for so long), for while I am so excited that the little Teacakes will soon be off school for the summer holidays, there is so very much to do before that can happen (I say 'that can happen' as if I have some control over when the school term ends...I don't, just a feeling that all loose ends must be tied before our days become a lazy stream of swing parks and ice-creams). But the next two weeks look set to be overtaken by the anticipation of the children's separate sports days as text messages are sent at lunch time to let parents know whether the weather is just right for such an event: not too hot, not too cold...I'm feeling doubtful over whether the perfect temperature is going to present itself before the end of term, but am keeping my fingers crossed as Zebra-girl tells me that she will be sack racing and few things are more delightful than watching children bobbing frantically along in their sacks grinning wildly, especially when one of them is your own...I am just so poor at shoehorning tasks into potentially fragmented bits of time that I find this kind of uncertainty most unrelaxing.


  1. How lovely! I might need to make myself one because I've grown tired of my plastic iPod holders.

  2. Lovely work, they look great & so neat.

  3. I think you male iphone holders are fantastic - they look good and extremely functional. They should be very happy with them.

  4. They look great. Especially when imagined in the pocket of a cartwheeling bloke.

    Do you mean a little handheld thing like this http://www.handystitchtv.com/ ?

    It is always fiddly having to sew things from the inside, when they can't slip over the machine. I have a hard enough time sewing a straight line the normal way.

  5. Thank you so much for your lovely comments.

    Goodness, yes, that's exactly what I meant UK Lass...and they even sell it in the UK - wonderful, thank you!


  6. Hi Florence.. I was wondering how you conquered the smallness factor ... is there a trick? x

  7. I love Arcadia too and Twiggy (similar colours by the same designer) The iPhone cases look great. I think the end of the summer term is always fraught with anxiety - changing school years, induction days, sports days.... mufty days - presentation days ..... takes years off your life...

    Beautiful work, as always:)

  8. Oh these are totally cute. I love the fabrics you chose. I love how the beige-y fabric is very textured. Good job. :)

  9. Yes, Primrose Corner - it does suddenly seem like years, rather than just days...or even hours!

    Julia - it's not a technical solution - just holding one bit back as you jam the tacked item under the machine and hope for the best. It took several attempts and much unpicking before I got a line of stitching that I was happy with.


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