Sunday Stash

Somehow nearly two weeks have passed since my last post and I'm having a where-to-start sort of moment because I have so many things to blog about. But it's Sunday, the sunshine is unbelievably zingy, and I am feeling a little weary after a family game of pyjamaed dodge I shall save ordering my thoughts until the week...which promises to be no less hot, but at least I will be dressed and perhaps have a modicum of sprightliness about me. So instead, I will fall back on a Sunday Stash post and share with you the lovelies that came through the letterbox from Sew Mama Sew a couple of weeks ago. I couldn't believe it when I opened the packet...I'd never seen fabric cut and then lined up with such precision that it actually looked more like a sheaf of brightly coloured papers, than fabrics. The temptation was to leave them that way...

But they were too delicious not to unfold and gaze upon properly and then put into colour order. Which could be done with wild abandon when I realised that no amount of folding and refolding could recapture how perfectly aligned they'd been.

And then for some local loveliness: there are not often things that make me gasp with delight in my nearest sewing imagine my excitement to walk in and find myself faced with these stacks of Arcadia fat quarters filling the cubby holes. I have fallen quite in love with the colours and clean lines of these prints. Although I'm finding it hard to source solid cottons that co-ordinate exactly with the minky browns and limey yellows that are used in this collection.

But I've still found ways to cut into them and am loving how versatile they are - I have had a couple of requests for Man Products and some of these prints lend themselves perfectly for being made up into just such a thing...but more on that in the week, for a sundress is calling me.


  1. Hi Florence, Tell me, which sewing shop do you go to, I will have to visit when I'm next back in the UK. You have some wonderful pictures of everything you have made. Perhaps I could pop round to see you next time I'm back??

  2. Those photos make me want to just reach through the screen and touch all the fabrics! Nothing more intoxicating than a neat stack of beautiful fabrics! Fun!

  3. Hi Florence. Where is that fab sewing shop? I'm based in London and am often saddened by the lack of good fabric shops. Though I love Liberty, I would like to find somewhere else to occasionally shop. Do you have any tips?

  4. Too much lovely fabric...I'm so tempted to place an order but frankly my cupboard is bursting at the back (literally) and we'll have to carry it all down into the little room soon anyway...but oh they look lovely.

  5. We have sold bolt after bolt of that lovely range - I really love the muted colours. Can't wait to see what deliciousness you come up with next!

  6. Hi Philippa, I'm a bit of a trek from London...but you have you tried the Eternal Maker online - I'm fairly sure that they are stocking the Arcadia range.

    Mrs Joleo...while you have a dedicated room, you have space, it doesn't matter how tiny! Get shopping.

    I can well imagine that you've sold lots of it Louise - it's so very useable and scrumptious. x

  7. I've just finished a queen-sized quilt with the Moda Arcadia fabric paired with grey Kona cotton and I'm so in love with it!

  8. Thank you for the tip. I found that site a while ago, but had forgotten about it till your prompt. I'll go and have a good ol' root around in it!


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