Saturday, 11 July 2009

Bloglines...or not

Just a quick weekendy note to say that after I put on my technical hat to do clever things with Feedburner at the start of July, I inadvertantly put in some wrong code...this has somehow meant that my Bloglines subscribers have been cut off. One of my bloglines feeds has now been restored...but the one that contains 134 subscribers is still behaving oddly.... if you would still like to be told when I have posted more of my ramblings, then I wondered if you might consider re-subscribing to the feed that has the fewest people on (that's the rss feed), as I'm yet to find a way of solving the problem with the other one. 

Oh, and there might just be four posts beneath this one that you've never even read! 

Happy Saturday. x

(p.s. in future I won't be attempting any more clever technical things)


  1. Thanks Florence. Will do so now x

  2. You're still coming through loud and clear on google reader. I am so glad. Your bags are very pretty .

  3. Thank you. Was wondering what had happened. I assumed it was Bloglines being odd as I have the same problem with another blog I subscribe too.

    Will rejoin and see what happens.

  4. I am glad you told us - I had missed the lovely post about bags, which it was great to catch up on.

    Pomona x

  5. i'm subscribed via that feed and it's coming through fine for me. i know bloglines on a whole has been playing up though, there are other blogs i've not had anything from for weeks, but i know posts are there.

  6. I am still here! I subscribe through bloglines though which is sometimes tempermental.


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