Sunday, 16 August 2009

Appliquéd everything...

This post is a hotch-potch of appliquéd things that I've made over the last couple of months that I somehow haven't managed to get around to blogging until now.

Above is a Darth Vader t-shirt that I made as a gift for a small person that we know - I'm delighted to report that his love for this t-shirt is so great that he has to be coaxed into allowing it to be washed and parted from his person for even the shortest time. Making it was a huge amount of fun and caused me to stay up until a long way past midnight with the excitement of finishing it - it was a challenge for me as I usually appliqué individual pieces together to make the picture, but Darth required that for certain areas minuscule pieces were cut out of the main applique piece and then each of these holes had to be overlocked around the edges (Some of them are so small that you can only just see them - little slits of red in between the eye areas)...a precision task that was new to me and made me feel utterly thrilled when I finally realised that it was all very 'do-able'. Unfortunately, I had a slight wobble when it was all finished and I was busily steam pressing it at 1am and happened to catch sight of the size label and realised to my absolute horror that the t-shirt was the wrong size! Luckily, it somehow ended up fitting anyway and I am forever grateful for the curious ability of this boy to morph into a child a few years older than himself for the wearing of this t-shirt, to the extent that it actually looks like the right size!

Next is a tractor & trailer bib that I made at the request of my lovely friend Clare, for her to give as a gift to a friend with a new baby. That's the loveliness of custom orders...they inspire me to break away from cakes and ice creams for a moment and come up with other designs that I want to use in my shop once I get around to making another batch up.

I loved this project, also a custom order, this time for a small boy who was new to wearing glasses. The brief was for the case to be funky, but tasteful.

Every time I get an order for more boyish things or I attempt to make up some boy's things for my shop I feel quite disappointed by the blue section in my fabric the minute this order came through I finally felt prompted into action to try and rectify the situation and did a little online shopping, for what I had was tasteful, but not really funky. I was so delighted with the little blue, green,red, orange, yellow and brown stack of fat quarters that arrived a few days later...but a little over-zealous in my wish to boyify my fabric stash and so forgot to photograph the loveliness before putting it away (actually, I have come to think of the putting away of fabrics as 'filing'...sometimes this can be fun...other days it is a bore, a little like working in an office. That day it was very good fun).

So anyway, I plumped for making this stegosaurus on what I have come to think of as a background of sputniks.

And finally a blue cupcake t-shirt, made at the request of this lovely blogger, who knits by candlelight and makes wonderful dresses for her daughter...and even encourages me to think that I really might be capable of following a pattern to do the same.

Anyway...there has been some quite alarming fabric accumulation over the last month or so, to the extent that it was necessary to do all sorts of drawer rearrangement and jiggery-pokery to make for stress-free fabric filing this evening. I feel that the make-up of the stash has changed so dramatically that it may be deserving of some more storage photos in my next post.

I hope you've had lovely weekends. x


  1. My sons eat, drink, and sleep Star Wars. If you would be willing to share your applique process for Darth Vader you would make some 4 year olds very happy. Thanks.

  2. Gorgeous work! I've yet to try applique and I think I might have to!

  3. A blogger who knits badly by candlelight! I was dropping stitches again last night! But Princess Bunchy loves the T-shirt, and is very proud to wear something so individual and so beautiful!

    As to my dressmaking, it's certainly not up to your immaculate standards - I'm looking forward to seeing your creations on that front!

    Pomona x

  4. Thank you for this post, the photos are just lovely (and exceedingly helpful).

    I had a bash at applique for the first time last week. I follwed the instructions in my sewing machines hand book and though the finished article was fine, I wasn't 100% happy with it. The stitched were far to far appart. I really would have liked a tight satin stitch instead. I guess I'll just have to try some more.

  5. Dear Flossie, I think I remember reading about your dread of sewing patterns? Well, I am positive you could use one and you would have so much fun I can't tell you, making all those sweet little dresses - it is wonderful! I would suggest getting a good 'how to' sewing reference book and reading it through first - with particular reference to cutting the patten (both the paper one and then on the fabric), so you know what you are going to be doing and what to look out for. The same with marking the fabric; a book will tell you what those diamonds and circles mean, (they are simple really and just used to match pieces so you get them the right way round or maybe to mark where a zip insertion starts). Some people like to use thread to make marks, others chalk or carbon. Read about it first and have a think, then when you open your patten it will be more familiar and a lot less daunting. A good first make would be pj bottoms - for a child or yourself. They are totally wearable for lounging around the house in (wear with a bought T-shirt). Also if you know someone who dress-makes ask if you can watch them and get them to comment as they go, telling you what they are doing and why. Start small, and slowly to get the basics of what the pattens mean - you already know all the complexities of the sewing. You so could do it - you can sew ANYTHING Flossie. You KNOW you can! Hope this helps a bit and isn't too bossy - I know everyone finds their own way and mine isn't necessarily yours. (I just want to see pretty pictures of party dresses on your blog, and I do think you would love it)

    Think how clever you were with those soft toys in the end, making your own pattens (much harder than the hedgehogs weren't they?!) Love Siobhan

  6. Hmmm I too have been gathering- an alarming amount of new craft stash has appeared over the last few weeks. My other half is away for a few days soon so I'll re-organise then!

    I love your work and especially that glasses case! I had to get new glasses last week and have only a boring wee plastic case from Boots :( being grown up is so boring sometimes! LOL!

  7. Can you tell me where you bought the 'sputniks' fabric, i really love it - it's so difficult to find nice boys material. Thanks for a great blog.

  8. i love the Darth Vader tee!!! so cool!!

  9. William loves his glasses case and is over the moon to see it on the internet!
    thank you.


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