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Back in May 2009, when I was writing this article for Sew, Mama, Sew! I initially started by trying to think of one item that I could make that would utilise every sewing foot...I quickly scrapped trying to tackle it that way and instead ended up using old photos that happened to capture different techniques being demonstrated (or attempted in the case of my rather sorry free-motion embroidery). However, one photo of the discarded pencil case (for that was the item that I decided could cope with such over-footedness) I did use in the article (see below) as it demonstrated well how utterly indispensable and fiercely fine a walking foot can in keeping things aligned and in their intended place.

Anyway, the pencil case (which used the zipper foot, walking foot, quarter inch foot, open toe applique foot, and a standard foot...horay...I find that so thrilling, but have no idea why) looks like this and sat in a box for some time quite forgotten about, until someone spotted its peeky slices of fabric and asked if I could make her several to give as teacher's gifts for Christmas (as it's currently October, I am rather awestruck by the fabulousness of this lovely girl's organisation on such matters!).

Oh walking foot, how do I love thee, let me count the ways...

So here are the pencil cases all lined up and ready to go...the zip colours make me think of rolls of refreshers, so soft, pastelly and happy.

These ones are without the embroidery, as strangely the customer in question didn't have at the forefront of her mind the need for me to use all possible sewing feet in the construction of her pencil cases, and so was happy for them to be left plain.

And finally today is an extra specially good day for us, having narrowly avoided awfulness. On the way home from meeting family for lunch, we were driving along a fast country lane when a deer appeared from nowhere in front of I started to do an emergency stop, three further deer also ran quickly across our path one after the other - it was utterly horrifying for every time I thought we might just miss one another felt an absolute miracle that we managed not to hit any and the last only escaped by an inch or so. But as everything seemed to happen in such slow motion my over-riding memory is of how utterly beautiful they were seen so close up - a perfect pale grey down with dappled white spots covering their sides - they looked so serene even in their fright and we carried on our journey feeling that all of us had been rather lucky (apart from Dinosaur-boy who stayed asleep throughout having eaten enough chocolate ice-cream at lunch to allow him to happily hibernate for the rest of the year without the need to surface).

Oh and I must also show you these lovelies which were delivered by the postman a couple of weeks ago - the most beautifully scented lavender bags, filled from this blogger's own garden's supply and I am in love with the fabric - thank you Pomona!

They are now nestled between my winter jumpers, minus one, which Zebra-girl quickly snaffled up for herself.
Wishing you a lovely weekend. x


  1. I am glad you like the fabric - I did look anxiously through my stash and hoped that it had the right amount and tone of pink (for I know you like pink), and would pass the Flossie Teacakes test! It must have been horribly scary for you today - I find the rabbits and pheasants along our lane traumatizing enough. Teachers' presents! Oh, to live in a well-regulated household - ours are lucky to get a jar of jam if Princess B and I remember that it is the last day of term.

    Pomona x

  2. Lovely pencil cases! Glad to hear you guys avoided a mishap with the deer. My husband once hit a deer and had it land in his lap. I don't think he ever fully recovered!

  3. your pencil cases are gorgeous! im glad you avoided the deer, that could have been quite a difficult situation! the lavender bags are beautiful too :) the fabric's great. x

  4. good matching colour ...your fabric colour look gorgeous n cute......i like it

  5. What an awful story about the deer. I am so glad it had a safe ending. As for the rather lovely pencil cases, your daughter's foresight and forward planning are impressive.

  6. Love those pencil cases, so beautifully made!

  7. I have some of that Lovely Lavender too! I spent a while wondering where the lady in posh perfume was, wafting round my house!! Divine x

  8. First of all, I love your pencil cases, they look so well finished, it makes me wonder how long it will ever take me to do such marvels...(sigh)
    Then - your story with deers is really freaky. The exact same thing happened to me back home in France last Easter, except I did see them coming towards me a couple of seconds before they crossed my path. It was such a stange and fairy-like encounter; one I'll never forget.

  9. Love your images - do you take them yourself? It's all in the angle! I really do want to eat those fabrics, they are so gorgeous. Love your tabitha bag pattern btw; I bought it! Just need to time to actually make one now, which is somewhat unrealistic..! x x x


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