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I always feel a little pained by doing shop updates on my blog, for the whole 'selling' side of things (as in door-to-door pushiness) makes me feel horribly uncomfortable, so if reading shop updates has a similar effect on you as it does on me when writing them, then please avert your eyes and come back another day when I am feeling less like a wizened peddler woman (and please do try to forgive me for donating a whole post to shamelessly plugging my own shop).

The week before last I made up a couple more framed fabric pictures. I wanted to try the Cinderella picture using different fabrics.

I think I like the colours on this one a little better.

For the girl on the swing picture...well...I actually really loved the colours in that the first time around and so made another, almost identical, one. They are both in my shop here.

I also decided to make some more hair accessories boards - I have changed the design of them since the first one I made (which is now nearly 18 months ago...time has gone so fast!).

This blue one is already in the post on the way to its new home. But the pink one is waiting happily in my shop here.

I love this print, and just looking at it makes me feel quite excited because more Heather Bailey loveliness is now available as she has just released her new fabric range: Nicey Jane - I can't wait to get my paws on it.

You may remember that I've made a couple of children's glasses cases as custom orders. I decided to add some of these to the range in my shop.

My own little Teacakes have tested the flex frames for me and they are just right for smaller hands to open and close. You can see more here.

And finally, when lovely Joanne had her little boy I wanted to send her an old fashioned layette of baby clothes.

As both herself and Mr Joleo are more than a little cat-obsessed I knew instantly what I wanted to decorate the clothes with. However, this is the last time it will be referred to as a layette, due to the word unexpectedly enraging Mr Teacakes who claimed it was a ridiculous sewing term amount of Googling could convince him that it was actually a proper non-geeky word, albeit a rather outdated one. I have added the 'Baby Set' to my shop here (yes, it's a baby set now), available in pink or blue, as a design-it-yourself item, so that it can be ordered with whatever theme of decoration that might most please the particular baby and parents in question.

Mr Teacakes has also added a Christmas section to my website, where there are wreaths, bunting and stockings available. There are a mass of new teabag holders, pin cushions and doorstops on there well as the Honeycomb bag, as I am still trying to decide whether to keep it for myself or not, so I suppose whether it gets snaffled up will help make the decision for me.

Anyway, I am now going off on a brief adventure, one which I am very excited about, so I shall report back as soon as I have returned. Wishing you your own fun-filled Wednesday. x


  1. No excuses necessary for telling us about your shop updates, people will love to know what is available. I hope everything goes to lovely new homes and is instantly snapped up. Everything is as gorgeous as the next and I couldn't possibly choose. Love the little cat (so cat like if that's not a silly thing to say!) on the baby set. Mrs Teacakes is right here though - nothing wrong with layette! The hair accessory board is a brilliant idea which I never would have thought of - so pretty too. My daughter would definitely have wanted one (too old now I'm afraid). Glasses cases are an excellent idea as children often don't need to wear them all the time and I do remember my daughter couldn't manage the one the optician gave her so they tended to languish at the bottom of her bag unprotected.

  2. I agrre with Siobhan. Dont apologies. You need to let us know what you have. All your thing are just lovely.
    Where did you get that fantastic cotton spool holder next to your sewing machine? I love it and whats more I need one.

  3. I love the hair accessorie holder, my daughter would love one!

    Vanessa x

  4. I love the term "layette", so"lay" off, Mr Teacakes!

  5. Layette is a great word Florence and conjures up images of babies in those huge coach prams. Your pictures are beautiful and will probably sell in the blink of an eye. I love the glasses cases and hair accessory boars too - such a genius invention of yours (and I am speaking as one who is truly tired of buying/hunting hair slides!). never feel awkward about showing what's in your pretty shop because we all love to know xx

  6. They are all gorgeous. Don't apologise - you're letting me window shop and dream of the day when my car doesn't break down and I actually have some spare money...

  7. Oh well, thank you so much for all that confidence-boosting loveliness!

    Joy - the cotton reel holder I bought locally, but I think you can get them from the Cotton Patch (



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