Sew Hip & memories from Liberty fabric rooms

It seems such a long time ago that I wrote two pieces for Sew Hip magazine, that it's as if by magic that they have now both appeared in the January/February issue. Housebound by the snow with the littlest Teacakes, I have only just managed to get a copy, thanks to Mr Teacakes hobbling down the high street from his office with a suspected broken foot to winkle one out for me (do the footballing injuries ever end).

The first piece is a tutorial to make the pleated make-up case at the top of this post - I've been excited about this because I've found a new way of doing zip end covers that I think may be even easier than the way outlined in my original online zippered pouch tutorial (yes, it's that pouchy word). I will try and write up a tutorial for this covered zipper-end technique at some point next month if anyone would find that useful. Yes...that's my little make-up bag on the front cover - hurrah!

Sew Hip have made it all look lovely and I was really pleased with the layout.

Next up was an article about sewing machine feet - yes, I've written about them before for Sew, Mama, Sew!, but they are my most beloved subject and actually this article encompasses even more feet and goes off piste to include other lovelies such as twin needles and different needle plates.

Mr Teacakes, who normally proof reads things that are going to be published somewhere other than my blog (where I'm hoping that you will indulge me with the odd grammatical error and spelling mistake...please?) stopped half way though and said that I had entered new levels of geekiness with this article and that while he could check that the spelling was all correct, he didn't understand a word of it. He did, however, say that if someone would write an article that geeky about how to mic up an acoustic guitar in a recording studio he would be in heaven and so this was a 'good thing'. Anyway, blogless (I think) Sue just commented on my last post that she'd read my article and that her husband's wallet was now fleeing the country and so I'm hoping that it's not entirely unintelligible to those that actually sew.

It is, of course, wordy and covers four whole pages....because it's hard to leave anything out when there's so much to say.

There is a really excellent interview with Amy Butler in this issue too and I'm so pleased to find that she is releasing a book including ten bag patterns in 2010...I love looking through her books and have been having withdrawal symptoms after missing out on her last one due to not having anyone small enough around to justify buying Little Stitches for Little Ones.

I don't think I mentioned that in the summer I met with Jo and Helen to go to a book signing that Amy Butler was doing in Liberty. Jo had met her before and told us all about how lovely and friendly she was, but on entering the fabric floor I saw her at the other end of the room (for those that haven't been there, it is a huge room and I'm absolutely sure that she would have been completely unaware that a loon had entered the building, so no harm was done, apart from to my own grip on my sanity) and felt so giddy that I couldn't stop laughing and had to go and bury my face in some bolts of Tana Lawn while I attempted to compose myself. I could only explain it later to Ian as being comparable to meeting the sewing version of Robbie Williams (not the best analogy to someone who doesn't idolise Robbie, but I think he got the gist)...anyway, once I'd composed myself I went and joined Jo & Helen in saying hello and she showed us some photos of the her new Love fabric collection on her iPhone (which I think is arriving here late January)... oddly, afterwards it seemed quite bizarre that I would have been starstruck as she is so very down to earth and normal. (Likewise, Robbie, who, a couple of years ago started going to the same gym as my sister, and from a couple of treadmills away was deemed to be positively normal).

Anyway, I was going to share with you what the little Teacakes gave me for Chr***mas (the stars are because I promised myself no more yuletide mentions, not because the word is an actual expletive), but actually, it's so lovely and perhaps so much the most amazing present I think I have ever, or will ever, receive that I can't possibly make it share a post with anything I shall go off and admire it and perhaps tomorrow or the day after, you might too.


  1. Just got that issue of Sew Hip and loved your articles.

  2. I bought the magazine the other day great instructions for the zipped make up case. What a coincidence as I found your blog just the week before! Lovin 'it thanks x

  3. I wish I could get that magazine over here; I would actually love to read four pages about sewing machine feet! I would also love the tutorial re. the zipper...
    Take care of that finger!

  4. A copy of Sew Hip has just been sold due to your 2 articles. I am really quite excited about your different zip technique as I have become a bit obsessed about ways zipped pouches can be put together. My sister received her pouch at Christmas and unprompted by me commented on the detail of the zip and was rather complementary (often she doesn't notice these things) so I'm glad I used your tutorial. I have a coin purse to make for my daughter and she has put in a request for a covered zip - having been shown various other samples. Due to weird zips sometimes being all that was available I have tried out a couple of things so it will be interesting to see if your new way is similar to anything I've tried. I am getting to grips with a new machine which it seems does need feet for everything - for my old friend, the all-purpose foot for the most part really was. I will definitely find this article useful to determine which feet I need and what I can do without. Not to mention introduce those I've never heard of! I know both of these articles will be brilliantly clear and precise so I won't feel I have to justify buying a magazine just to look at pretty pictures. I need this magazine!

  5. Oh bliss, someone explaining a better way to do zip covers than the way I do them. And of course, you already know how I share your obsession for feet - machine feet that is! I will take myself off for a copy as soon as the icy departs from our hill and cosy down by the fire for a read. well done Florence x

  6. Oh, how frustrating, I really need an article about machine feet and I can't get the car out of the drive because of the snow! Have to ask daughter to track down a copy of Sew Hip in her town as I don't see me getting out of here anytime soon! Something to look forward to.

  7. My husbands wallet is now considerably lighter and is having a little lie down and I am now the proud owner of some new presser feet!


  8. Lawks, Sue, that was unbelievably quick work - I do hope you have lots of fun with them!

    Thank you so much for the article love. I shall try and get my hands on another copy and hopefully do some sort of giveaway just as soon as I've dug my way out the house. x

  9. It would be very helpful if you could show us this new zip technique!! Your previous tutorial on zippered pouches was SOOO helpful. As for the articles, it's a shame than here in Brazil we can't find this magazine, but congrats anyway!

  10. Florence, both articles are superb! I now know what I need for my machine - a straight stitch needle plate and a quarter inch foot, a walking foot would be nice too. Wonderfully written and informative, a real problem solver. The new covered zip method is especially excellent for people whose machines can't deal with weighty fabrics and can't cope with stitching over the zip - because you don't! Mine can but I've used those that can't. Brilliant. Looking forward to trying this out.
    (Me again) Siobhan

  11. I loved your last tutorial, so I'm keen to see how you've made it easier! Plus, I just subscribed to Sew Hip because of your article, and I'm telling my hubby it's all your fault, so be warned, okay?

  12. Oh no! There's far too much inadvertant husband-angering going on here. However, I'm delighted that you liked the articles and that it might have inspired you to go on a shopping spree. x

  13. Yes please to the covered zipper tutorial!

    Must buy a copy of Sew Hip too (I hope you're getting a commission)!



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