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Over the course of the last month I've been beavering away on a pattern for an iPhone holder, but every time I tried to work on it I'd decide that actually it needed redesigning and then a custom order would come in and somehow the pattern kept getting pushed to one side...somehow this process ended up in there being 8 different prototypes, but happily the deliberation is all over now and the pattern has been tested several times over and I have made four lovely iPhone holders from the final version and am hoping that it's as easy to follow as I think it might be.

The holder gives a lovely snug, padded fit, but leaves the phone easily accessible...

And on the reverse it has a credit card holder that fastens with a velcro tab.

On the front there's room for some fabric loveliness and for a name or initial to be embroidered on to personalise the holder.

In the process of pattern testing I've made up some of these to give to my lovelies who said that they were without iPhone holders: Leanne, Ian and Sam. My last pattern was called The Tabitha Bag and I knew from the start what I was going to call it, but I was a little stumped by this, but in the end decided to call it the Lis iPhone holder, using the initial of each of their names because it makes me happy to have named it after them because they really are all such dear people (Leanne likes to be called Woodie...just in case you were thinking that I may have embroidered the wrong name on)....this could be a dangerous method for naming, no?

This morning I made up one more for Zebra girl who borrows Mr Teacakes old iPod's a little shorter and slimmer than the iPhone, but it's still a really good fit (UPDATED: I think the most recent 2011 version of the iPod Touch has a smaller circumference and so consquently the Lis may be a little too wide for it to fit without some adjustment. It continues to be a good fit for all versions of iPhone though). She is yet to see it, but I was hoping that she would like the bright, zingy prints...and perhaps she will use the pocket for secret notes rather than credit cards.

 If you're interested in buying a copy of the PDF pattern then here are the details:
  • I am completely happy for you to sell any iPhone holders that you make from this pattern (as long as  you are a small, independent corporate giants!)
  • While it may be helpful to print out the instructions, the iPhone holder is made from a series of rectangles and so a printer isn't necessary for printing out any pattern pieces.
  • If you follow the instructions carefully and cut with precision, then this pattern should be challenging, but perfectly do-able, for a relatively new sewer.
  • The PDF can be downloaded instantly, so you can get straight on with making the holder.
  • The PDF pattern costs £6.50 (that's approximately $9.50 USD), and this price includes the right for small-scale sellers to sell any iPhone holders made from this pattern.
  • The cost of this pattern is non-refundable.
I'm really hopeful that you won't, but if you do find yourself struggling with any aspect of the pattern, then please do email me - I want to help.

If you do make any iPhone holders from this pattern then I would absolutely love to see photos of them, if you have the time/inclination to send me any!

As ever, you don't need a PayPal account to pay for this pattern - PayPal accepts credit and debit cards. Once you've paid, PayPal will take you to a page where you can download the pattern instantly, by clicking on the link provided. You will also receive an email containing the same link.

UPDATE: Apple release new phones annually, and I believe this pattern may now only be suited to those of a similar size to the iPhone 4. Subsequent phones, such as the iPhone 6, have very different dimensions and this is highly unlikely to fit them.

Florence x


  1. This is such good timing, yesterday both my daughters asked me to make them ipod holders. I have been looking on etsy to get ideas, but this is just perfect thank you. Have just placed my order for the instructions.


  2. They look great!

  3. Hurrah! Sharon, that's fantastic - what good timing - thank you.

    Thank you so much, Mrs Gracie Pea Sharps. x

  4. They look great - makes me wish I had an iphone

  5. Just what I was looking for! I've placed an order too :)

    Thank you!!

  6. These are lovely.Shame I dont have an I phone!!:)

  7. Oooh they're so pretty! I wish I had an excuse to make one, but my boyfriend's iPhone was stolen on holiday...hmph! It can go on the to-do list once he gets one back on the insurance :S

  8. I would definitely but this pattern if I had an iphone or the like, I'm bookmarking for when get one! Love it.

  9. I've just got my first iphone - it's true love and we're never parted now, so am tempted by your tutorial! I've also popped over because I was awarded a Sunshine Blogger award by Two Hippos, so wanted to award it to you too! Pop over to pick it up. Love Jen xxx

  10. I'm so wishing that I had an iPhone seems so unfair to be making all these holders for other people...I still have a pay-as-you-go house-brick sized phone! (well, it's not that bad, but is certainly lacking in sleekness).

    Thank you so much for your lovely comments.

    Jen, thank you so much for the award, you lovely fox - I have been on over to your award ceremony and placed my acceptance speech. Blogger is hiding your email address from me - will you send it to me? x

  11. They look lovely, I'm always a fan of linen with cotton prints. I too have been working on iphone commissions (and wishing I too was an iphone owner!). I ought to make a cover for my own touch screen phone whilst I'm at it, though I always find things for me get put on the back burner indefinitely.

  12. oh these are so great.. i love the fabric and colors used

  13. I just bought your pattern! I was going to try to figure the dimensions out for this, because I wanted to offer them at my shows this summer, but since you already did all the Thanks!

  14. I made two today - photos on your flickr group and blogged about it too, so hopefully you may get some more orders soon :-)lovely pattern!

    Katie x

  15. Hello! Lovely work I really like your blog! Very sweet!



  16. I just purchased your pattern but I'm not sure that I left my email address to receive it. To busy thinking of pattern combinations to pay attention. please let me know if I orcered it correctly.

  17. I bought the pattern this morning and my iphone is now snuggled in to it's new holder. Many thanks for a pattern that is very intuitive and detailed. It worked perfectly. Might have to make another for my ipod too, don't want there to be any isibling rivalry!!

    Tracie x


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