Peanut butter fudge

It's been two whole weeks since I last posted. I've been doing many things, but perhaps most delightful has been making peanut butter fudge with Mr Teacakes. The recipe is Sophie Dahl's, whom Mr Teacakes has quite fallen in love with due to her love of cheese and disregard for calories...he says that he has never seen a girl who loves cheese as much as he does (the fact that she looks so utterly lovely may be in there somewhere...but eating cheese for breakfast, lunch and supper seals the deal). We watched her cookery programme, The Delicious Miss Dahl, on iPlayer a couple of nights ago (hurrah for his broken leg...we never usually watch television programmes...I am loving this slower pace of life and may well nobble the other leg the moment this one has recovered) and the next day he returned home from work with a large grin and a bag of ingredients from Waitrose.

Making & Eating

This is quite the most amazing fudge I've ever tasted. It melts in the mouth, but has crunchy peanut butter bits that kindly deceive the eater into believing it's not just pure sugar that they're eating. Mr Teacakes took most of it into work today to share with colleagues and left me with only this small fudge-filled bowl. Oh.

** Updated to say: the peanut butter fudge recipe is from the BBC website and was taken from The Delicious Miss Dahl 'Selfish' episode. Follow the link to make it. Her book, Miss Dahl's Voluptuous Delights,arrived yesterday and although the fudge recipe isn't included there are lots of other goodies and the little Teacakes sampled her grilled bananas with agave as a mid-afternoon snack yesterday and confirmed them to very good indeed.**

But anyway, this was only meant to be a five minute post, to announce the results of my Grandmother's Flower Garden fabric giveaway. Last time Mr Teacakes closed his eyes and jabbed at the screen as I scrolled it up and down and I ended up sending goodies all the way to freaky contrast this time his pointy finger landed on Helen, who is somewhat closer. Hurrah for weird serendipity. Thank you so much to all those who entered - I loved reading your words.

My sewing break has turned into something of an extended hiatus, and I have to guiltily admit that I have had the most dreamy couple of weeks doing normal things like being in bed by 10pm and reading book after book, which has made this half term feel completely relaxing and I am already feeling cornerish about my children going back to school. But I have lots of projects lined up for their first week back and I know that by Monday I will be itching to turn my machine on again.

Wishing you a lovely week,
Florence x


  1. Hi Flossie,

    I idn't know you werea teacher, Me too!! So I know how you feel about the holidays, hasn't it been absolute bliss! And the weather ahs been wonderful too. I am dreading going back.
    I have also watched Sophie Dahls programme and I have to say I am not entierly convinced that he recipies are consumed by her on a daily basis. My husband doesn't like her teeth!!
    Hope you enjoy the rest of your week off and your fudge!

  2. Oh I love Sophie - her cookbook is excellent too, I'd recommend it! That fudge looks delicious, perhaps an ingredients shopping expedition is in order!

  3. How funny, Helsbells - rereading that back I can see exactly how it sounds like I'm a teacher, but I was actually only talking about my own two children and was referring to sewing projects for me once they were back at school!

    I haven't noticed her teeth, I don't think, but I think part of the reason she looks so lovely is that she seems like she must be such a nice person and comes out with such funny, eccentric asides.

    Amy, I bought the cookbook as a present for Mr Teacakes the minute we'd finished watching - it arrived yesterday and looks wonderful. The little Teacakes have already sampled the grilled bananas with agave for a mid-afternoon snack yesterday. I hope you love the fudge if you do end up gathering the ingredients together - you could easily halve the recipe and still have too much to eat. x

  4. What are you trying to do to me? I've printed out Sophie's recipe and can't wait to rush out tomorrow to buy a big fat jar of crunchy peanut butter. We don't get her programme here in Australia, which is probably a good thing! I'm glad Mr Teacakes is mending well. My son-in-law recovered from his torn quads achieved at soccer training in time to play his first game of the season. Broke his elbow.

  5. OOOOhhhh! is that in her volumptuous delights book? How could I have missed that?? We don't normally watch telly but I think if peanut butter fudge for me and Miss Dahl for MrP is on we may settle down infront of the iplayer with a glass of something tonight. My diet has gone completely out of the window now!

  6. The fudge looks amazing we may have to look up Miss Dahls programmes and watch them as Ihave missed them
    Make the most of your time off. Oh and congrats to the giveaway winner.

  7. The fudge really does look yummy (my mouth is watering!!!), but I can't stand peanut butter. The Easter holidays have given me the chance to put on my pinny and bake, scrummy cakes and a gorgeous lemon tart on Easter Sunday. I even managed to bake some bread! I have missed not having the time to create as much as I would like. My two children have though, lots of mess!!!!

  8. My Significant Other has developed a soft spot for Miss Dahl too. So have I (although in a slightly different way...). She is so much fun! Your description of picking a winner for your giveaway really made me smile! Emma. x

  9. Oh, I miss fudge. I lost the one recipe that I had that ever turned out just right and have been on the search for a decent one ever since.

  10. Hello Florence. Back from my trip away and desperate to see some fabric shops - no, there were none to be found in Belgium (for that is where Lauren and I escaped to). There must be some somewhere, but we completely failed to locate them! Off for a lovelt catch up on your posts now. Gorggeous fudge by the way xx

  11. Oh if only Mr J liked peanut butter... I can never make this because I really would eat it all myself, and that wouldn't be at all healthy.

    I have missed so much in not keeping up with my blog reading. How very remiss. Sounds like nobbling really is the way forward, especially if it ends in tasty treats.

  12. Hello,
    Found your blog this evening and it is absolutely inspirational. Thank you for the tutorials and the very informative post about the V&A exhibition. I am planning to go next week, and will have to take my two year old with me – should be fun! Also just purchased the book "The Crafters Companion"’s been in my wish list in Amazon for ages, and now I can't wait for it.
    Oh and the fudge looks really yummy!


  13. I saw that episode, and being a Nigella fan, I thought good old Sophie was a bit of a funky spin on her, with the style remaining similar though. This recipe does seem absolutely gorgeous, and you might have just tempted me to try it...maybe this weekend?


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