A cosy quilt day...

In my email programme I keep a list of all the things that I want to blog about. As there are now over one hundred things on the list you could say that I have something of a backlog. My track record would suggest that I'm most unlikely to begin blogging five times a day in order to work my way through this, so I'll perhaps look upon it as a databank of things to be brought out when nothing I can say about what I've currently been doing feels quite right. Today is a cosy slippers sort of day. Chilly weather, chilly thoughts...I just want to snuggle into something past and absorb the warmth from a day that felt better than today does.

So my children's toes peeping out from the previously unblogged quilt that I made as one of Dinosaur-boy's Christmas gifts feels just perfect for that. You might remember that the pink quilt was made from Zebra-girl's old curtains a couple of years ago...but somehow the right fabrics never quite appeared for Dinosaur-boy and so he passed a couple of quiltless years, before I felt propelled into action to redress the imbalance and go searching for something that he might like. To go with some Kaufman apples, I chose some Monaluna prints from the wonderful  Seamstar*, who whizzed them straight in to the post to arrive the next day, on December 16th. Once they arrived I found myself hampered by trying to find a solid fabric that matched the unusual aqua colours of the Monaluna prints and it took me several days just to get started, eventually compromising with a solid that has an unusual sheen to it, which, despite it's 100% cotton make-up, could never be described as a quilting weight cotton. This was a compromise that worked well and actually, it's a perfect colour match and in retrospect was just right for it.

However, I'm not actually thrilled with the quilt. Zebra-girl's quilt has always felt soft and warm, but despite using the same type of batting, Dinosaur-boy's quilt lacks the softness of Zebra's fabrics which had previously been hung in a window and faded and aged by the sun over several years. During the quiltless years Dinosaur-boy had got used to having a very soft fleecy blanket over his duvet cover, so I worry that he finds this far less snuggly. I wish that I had backed the quilt with a soft flannel or a light fleece...but I rejected those ideas thinking that he'd find those fabrics a little too childish. I'm hoping that with time and use, it will soften into something more lovely...but at some point I may make him a second quilt with different backing. First though, I have to make another one for Zebra-girl, whose room we are attempting to de-pinkify (for yellow is now the colour of choice).

I love this photo which shows the funny way that Dinosaur-boy twists his middle toe beneath the others. Later that day they raced around with the quilts over their heads pretending to be monsters.

This is the quilt patch that I think I must have sewed on very shortly before Christmas day. Quilt patches are my favourite part of any quilt. I love that they have to be sewn on by hand and are always the very last thing to go on.

Wishing you mid-week happiness,
Florence x

*And they really are wonderful - they once emailed me to let me know of another online UK fabric shop that had just started stocking a fabric that they knew that I was looking for...how often do you find service like that? Actually all the online fabric shops that I've ever used have provided amazing service, but the loveliness of Seamstar doing this has made me love them all the more. Do go and have a look at their new fabrics, as they have prints by Keiki and Lauren & Jessi Jung that I've somehow never seen before, as well as new fabric ranges from Chez Moi that I love (but as they are pink I am forbidding myself to buy any, as I must concentrate on accumulating yellow) and, of course, some of Anna's dreamy voiles (which seem to be cropping up in many more places in the UK...but still not in any of those dobby spots that I'm longing for).


  1. I love the quilt Florence and think time will bring the effect you are after along with all that cuddling from your little boy. Do you think we will ever be happy with the non-squishyness of our quilting?!!! Have a lovely week dear Florence x

  2. Aw. It's a lovely quilt, and lovely toes!!! My little boy loves to cuddle up on the setee with my daughters patchwork quilt and his snuffler and brown bear. Maybe it is time I made him his own also! I love seeing what you have been making x

  3. I love both quilts, and the quilt patch is so sweet. I hope I'll learn to quilt one of these days.

  4. What gorgeous photographs and beautiful quilting - I love the lettering. One day I will finish my quilt!

  5. The quilts are gorgeous. I have made a quilt for my son and am hand quilting it, so it is taking ages. It's something they can keep forever.

  6. Hi Florence, just wondered if you hand wrote the quilt tag before embroidering it or if you ussed a transfer? I love that style and want to use a similar for my children's quilts.Let me know, thanks! Justine x

  7. These quilts are beautiful! I love the photo with the little toes poking out! :-) I'm new to quilting but have been drawn to it as I want to make my baby son a lovely snuggly patchwork quilt. I've found some beautiful fabrics thanks to your site and think I will follow the pattern you have put on here. Thank you!



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